Types of Literary Devices - Book Report/Review Example

The author examines the literary devices, literary elements, and literary techniques, on the examples of three poems, To an Athlete Dying Young, Ex-basketball Player, and When You are Old. These three poems can be categorized as some form of lyric poetry…
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Types of Literary Devices
Download file to see previous pages In the creation of poetry and other literary pieces, writers use literary devices to aid them in creating their masterpieces. According to Braiman's notes, there are two types of literary devices - literary elements and literary techniques. Literary elements are "identifiable characteristics of a whole text" while elements are "deliberate constructions of choices of language which an author uses to convey meaning in a particular way (Braiman).
The three poems, To an Athlete Dying Young, Ex-basketball Player, and When You are Old, all made use of literary devices. These three poems can be categorized as some form of lyric poetry, though the Ex-basketball Player can be classified more as a narrative.
In the poem, To an Athlete Dying Young, it tells of a glorious athlete at the peak of his career. However, this didn't last long because death somehow decided to take him away. This form of the lyric poem takes the form of eulogy. It's all about mourning the loss of a great hero. Most likely the poem was written after the death of the hero but days after his funeral.
This stanza alone, laden with alliteration, shows how this man became the town's hero. He indeed was greatly adored by his people because of it. Thus, when he died the townspeople honored it. For Housman though, he sees this as the trigger for the athlete to become a legend, an unforgettable star.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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