Un Seor Muy Viejo Con Alas Enormes by Gabriel Marquez - Essay Example

This essay demonstrates a short story by Gabriel Marquez uses a typical style known as ‘‘magic realism’’. This essay describes the imaginative style in combining realistic scenarios in everyday details with elements of fantasy, shadowing the reader's usual distinctions between reality and magic…
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Un Seor Muy Viejo Con Alas Enormes by Gabriel Marquez
Download file to see previous pages After Conrad’s successful rendition of the feeling involved in betraying one’s friend to do what is just in accordance with the laws of the states, he made a successful attempt in connecting the moral obligations of the “betrayer” to his friend he has just betrayed.
      Conrad is indeed a very good writer for having successfully shown how one feels by betraying his own friend, and even his own set of moral standards just to follow the laws and regulations of the states. The way he made his characters opted for such actions and/or decisions by weighing what their minds say versus their hearts is really a very good twist for every part of the story. Conrad has made a clear description of the feelings such as agony, pain and at the same time proud for doing something that is in accordance with the standards of the state.
       It is very clear that in Marquez’ story, the creativity of the writer’s mind, as well as the readers’ mind, is a requisite. Although both of these stories proved to learn which all readers can apply to real life… lessons which readers may have already know but only in theories … lessons that we sometimes forget to use on day-to-day living, their style of imparting these learning to the readers is different. Marquez’ is more of a “reading-between-the-lines” type of story. He just suggests what is better and which is not. While Conrad’s is more direct. He shows the ill effects of certain actions and he also clearly shows what could be the possible causes of such negative actions.
     But despite these differences, both stories must be read and are highly recommended readings to various kinds of readers – may it be for elderly and/or adults, for the youngster and teenagers, for the educators, for the learners, for males or females. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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