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The author answers the questions concerning Cold Mountain novel by Charles Frazier. The author describes Inman’s thoughts of war and explains why Frazier has Inman’s anti-war sentiments oppose to Mrs. McKennet’s view. The author also describes why Frazier has Inman read Bartram’s Travels. …
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Analysis of Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
Download file to see previous pages Inman is a man full of questions at the world that both amazes and shocks him. He wants nothing more than absolution because the war has dealt him with countless terrible experiences that he wishes to forget and to not add to them no more. Inman believes that no man loves war and that the war has turned men into hideous creatures, who have become void of their innate knowledge of what used to be right and just.
Frazier illustrates Inman's and Mrs. McKennet's opposing views on the war in the story because in truth this is what happens in the world. To those who are left in their homes like Mrs. McKennet and only hears of news from hearsay, war seems like an intimate story of heroism and glorious deeds. In contrast, front-liners of warlike Inman, have understandable opposing views on war.
Frazier uses Bartram's Travels as a spiritual guide on his way home to Ada. The book serves an inspiration and source of sustenance to keep him going on the long way back to his refuge. Bartram's Travels is full of an ideal world's description of the world's natural beauty. This diverts Inman's attention from the horrors of war that is recurrent in his dreams and thoughts. Bartram's Travels is full of an ideal world's description of the world's natural beauty. This diverts Inman's attention from the horrors of war that is recurrent in his dreams and thoughts.
Inman does not believe that the soul is weak and can cease to exist. For Inman, divination takes place in a world invisible to the human eye and stays as a strong belief that people hold to because of their faith.
The patterns of nature have become Inman's source of momentary solace.
While recuperating in the hospital from his neck injury, Inman's actions were limited and all he could do all day was staring at the picture of the outside world that the window from his hospital bed presented. He would stare at the randomness that changed that picture and often wondered meaning it offered. Deep in his gut, he knows there is some meaning to it but doubts he may never get to know it. Staring into randomness stimulated Inman unto his recovery from being immobile.
This only tells the readers that Inman is a man deeply scarred by what war has done to him and to the people around him. Despite being confused and weary, he still has hope for a better and much peaceful future.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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