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Good People by David Foster Wallace - Book Report/Review Example

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This book review "Good People by David Foster Wallace " discusses the two protagonists from the story that started out as two good people, but based on how things happened, it can be said that one of the two was “good” mostly in what is seen from the outside…
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Good People by David Foster Wallace
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Extract of sample "Good People by David Foster Wallace"

David Foster Wallace’s Good People (2007) Being a “good person” is a naive idea for most people. It can be defined through many terms, such as being pleasant in the eyes, having unworldly-thoughts, doing helpful deeds, having a strong-rooted spiritual or religious self, or maybe a combination of everything that is defined by most people as well and good. In David Foster Wallace’s Good People written in 2007, the definition of what is good challenges the common notion of what is good by delving in the thoughts and feelings of people who might otherwise be considered to be “good” based on old-fashioned standards. The two protagonists, Lane A. Dean Jr. and Sheri Fisher can be seen as “good people” in mechanical terms: they know the bible; they go to church services; they pray; and they believe that doing these things makes them good people. However, after a hurdle appeared in the course of their relationship, their views on what is good become diverged, and after deciding on what matters most, readers of their story will come to terms in choosing between the two people would be seen as a “good” person. Lane Dean Jr. is a religious person, and at the beginning of the story he is described as someone who has strong tendencies to turn to the Higher Power, and he does it “…when alone and thinking or struggling to turn a matter over to Jesus Christ in prayer…” (Wallace par. 1). However, his ability to pray easily to his God became difficult after encountering a life-changing experience, one which challenged his beliefs, to the point that “…he started to believe that he was not serious in his faith.” (Wallace par. 2). Reading through the story’s hushed undertones can give the reader an idea that Lane crossed a line and was now starting to accept his fate of going to hell for suggesting something which, through seeing things in his moral compass was very wrong, and understood why doing something as they did was deemed to be wrong, that it was “…a true sin and not just a leftover rule from a past society.” (Wallace par. 3). Judging from how Lane was having so much inner turmoil throughout the few paragraphs of the story, he made at least two grave mistakes that make his guilt spring out freely. It is implied that he had impregnated Sheri but did not want to take any responsibility for it, and for that reason, he feels that he committed a sin by creating a child out of wedlock. But an even graver sin for him is that his farce bravery regarding as to how things happened did not hold as he actually had the boldness to send Sheri to a clinic or hospital to have the child taken out of her womb, as implied by the words “waiting room”, “appointment”, “decision” and schedule”. While still striving to compose himself and be as normal as possible, based on his internal turmoil and thoughts on going to Hell for what he did, it is easy to deduce that Lane was trying desperately to be “good” because he did not feel any clearness in his conscience, so in order to be as good as he sees fit, he tries to be so that he could feel that he really was a “good person” (Wallace par. 2). His choices made him doubt his “good” nature, making him feel like actually looking forward to a trip to Hell already. While seeing himself to be unworthy and a grave sinner, Sheri was seen by Lane to be “good” in various ways. Read More
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Good People by David Foster Wallace Book Report/Review.
(Good People by David Foster Wallace Book Report/Review)
Good People by David Foster Wallace Book Report/Review.
“Good People by David Foster Wallace Book Report/Review”.
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