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A Formal Analysis of Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited is a tragic story of a man’s struggle to reclaim moral ascendancy. Fitzgerald fills Charlie’s life with sympathy, never drawing back from a truthful depiction of his protagonist’s flaws and failures…
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Scott Fitzgeralds Babylon Revisited
Download file to see previous pages A Formal Analysis of Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited is a tragic story of a man’s struggle to reclaim moral ascendancy. Fitzgerald fills Charlie’s life with sympathy, never drawing back from a truthful depiction of his protagonist’s flaws and failures, yet passionate of his daughter and his sincere attempts to change. What is not certain is whether Charlie has truly changed or merely deceiving himself that he has. This essay uses a formal analysis to prove that Charlie is indeed truly reformed, but he still feels nostalgic of Paris, which becomes the symbol of his degeneracy.Some readers may think that Charlie is only deceiving himself that he has completely changed because he still misses Paris and his pals during his wild years. But this essay proves that Charlie is a truly changed man, and he is trying to come to terms with his past in order to successfully move on with the life he now longs for, a life with his daughter, Honoria. His visit to the Ritz Bar is not because of nostalgia, but regret. Fitzgerald portrays the affluent expatriate way of life in Paris in the 1920s through the fairly discerning, fairly nostalgic depiction of Charlie of the period. When Marion remarks that Paris became lovelier when many Americans left, Charlie answers regretfully, “It was nice while it lasted… We were a sort of royalty, almost infallible, with a sort of magic around us” ...
been given, even the most wildly squandered sum, as an offering to destiny that he might not remember the things most worth remembering, the things that now he would always remember—his child taken from his control, his wife escaped to a grave in Vermont. The obviously rehabilitated Charlie gravely yearns to regain responsibility for his daughter, and he decides that he “must be both parents to her” (Fitzgerald 216). At the outset it appears unreasonable that he was not able to reclaim custody of her daughter. Marion is antagonistic, firmly believing that Charlie was a very bad person. Thus, Babylon Revisited is an emotional narrative of a genuinely changed, passionate father whose efforts to reclaim his daughter are frustrated by external forces outside his control. However, Charlie is totally to blame for challenging his own intention. Even though he insists that he has been genuinely reformed, he fails to let go of his connection and commitment to the past that takes him back to the corrupt habits of his feral years. Basically, the narrative starts and closes in the Ritz Bar, which Fitzgerald associates with the lavishness and thoughtless spending of migrants. Upon stepping to Paris once again, Charlie immediately asks about his old acquaintances and handed over the address of the Peterses to be passed on particularly to Duncan—an obvious sign of his blameworthiness, in spite of his unwillingness to tell Duncan where he is staying when he talks with him face to face. This is a very important aspect of the plot, at times ignored, in a cautiously created narrative that hooks up cause and consequence. The wistful tour to the Ritz Bar is the most unwise decision for a person whose intention rests in his ability to prove that he has been successfully reformed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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