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As a central component of high school or college education. Why should it be saved - Essay Example

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Name of the Student English Literature (Classic and Modern) Name of the Concerned Professor 21 May 2013 English Literature as a Central Component of High School Education and why should it be Saved? Going by the fact that the need for assuring high grades has emerged to be of pivotal importance in the college and school education, this has relegated the need for studying art and literature to a secondary slot…
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As a central component of high school or college education. Why should it be saved
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Download file to see previous pages Yet, there is also emerging a positive facet to this dilemma. Many school districts are pursuing a proactive approach towards the inclusion of literature in the school and college curriculums. Though the prevalent perception had been that studying literature is a waste of time and effort and it is something that the students can engage in their free time as a voluntary initiative, there is no dearth of studies that indicate that there is a very potent and clear connection between the study of literature and the larger academic achievement, thereby making a strong plea for the inclusion of literature in school and college programs (Sumara 42). The study of literature at schools and colleges pertains to pursuing a systematic and methodical approach towards the studying of poems, essays, novels and stories. ...
The primary premise that is pushing the practice of such polices is the assumption that literature is of little practical and technical value and is a discipline that is sans any utilitarian significance. In other words literature is considered to be a leisure activity with scarce potential to impart anything of practical significance to the skill pool of the college and school students. Yet, based on the assertion made by several social and scientific studies, it would be utterly faulty to assume that the study of literature is bereft of any practical significance. The academic fallacy that needs to be vehemently corrected in the contemporary times is that literature is a discipline that is of scarce practical significance. Not only this, but literary studies is an activity that endows students with many other peripheral skills and abilities that salubriously impact their overall academic achievement. In that context, it will be really interesting to delve on the varied benefits that the literary studies accrue to the college and school students. One direct pragmatic advantage that ensues from the study of literature is that since literature involves, reading, discussing, meditating on and writing about the works of literature, literary studies has the potential to stimulate the creative, imaginative, thinking, reasoning and writing skills of the students, an achievement that is bound to have a benign impact on the study of other disciplines are they science, economics, business, mathematics, etc (Roberts 367). Hence, the study of literature improves the overall grasping and expressive abilities of the students. The process of reading carefully the works of literature not only bolsters the vocabulary and language skills of the students, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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