The Religious Conflicts and Claims: A Prophet for Our Time and Brothers on the Line - Research Paper Example

The paper describes Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time by Karen Armstrong and Brothers on the Line, a new documentary about the Reuther brothers, that play a pivotal role in changing the society in general. Karen Armstrong and Sasha Reuther offer insight for many people in different ways…
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The Religious Conflicts and Claims: A Prophet for Our Time and Brothers on the Line

Extract of sample The Religious Conflicts and Claims: A Prophet for Our Time and Brothers on the Line

Download file to see previous pages In the film Brothers on the Line, Sasha Reuther tells a story of the Reuther brothers: Walter, Roy, and Victor who had devoted their lives to the fight for social justice, forever changing the course of labour relations in the US. This is a galling documentary digging deep into the labour and civil rights champions and the legacy of Reuther brothers in whose reign of the United Auto Workers led to change in the economic, social and political sector in the nation (Reuther 1). Together they played a pivotal role in transforming the United Auto Workers, which was the nation’s most powerful labour union for decades. Victor Reuther, the most intellectual of the brothers, become the head of the U.A.W.’s international division and Roy Reuther as the union`s political director used their power to help elect Kennedy and push through Medicare, Medicaid, the Voting Rights Act and other landmark legislation. Together, these pieces were so triumphant in pushing up wages and other numerous benefits. It further made Detroit’s Big Three automakers uncompetitive once Japanese imports started flowing in because of the triumph of this piece. In Karen Armstrong’s Muhammad: Prophet for our Time, Muhammad is considered a good individual since he divided the spoils equally among the Emigrants and began negotiations with the Quraysh for an exchange of prisoners for the purposes of uniting people. It also figured out in Reuther’s film which caused brutal battles to the Auto Company thugs. Workers formed strikes and established UAW union to fight for equity and civil rights in efforts to boycott work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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