David MIchael Kaplan's Doe Season - Essay Example

The study presents an analysis of the story "Doe Season" that is focused on a girl named Andy, who goes on a hunting trip with her father, his friend, and son. Andy is at the point of her life where soon she will be making a transition to womanhood and the thought of that scares her…
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David MIchael Kaplans Doe Season
Download file to see previous pages The paper represents the conflicts, themes, and symbols of the story. The story is set in the woods. This setting also symbolizes certain factors. The woods symbolize the unknown. Andy does not know what lies ahead of her when going into the woods or what she will encounter. Andy and the others head for the woods when it is dark and arrive at daytime. This symbolizes that a new start is made and that a change is going to come. The conflict presented in the story is in the form of Andy’s confused emotional state of mind. She is afraid to embrace womanhood and tries doing everything in her power to stop it from coming. This conflict is finally resolved after she shoots the deer and accepts the reality of her life: she is a girl and no action of her can deny that truth. These are some of the many elements that the author has used to display one universal theme: the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the many emotional factors attached to it. ... She will soon be making a transition from childhood to adulthood and that is really affecting her emotionally. Her character is quite dynamic, as she is seen to go through various trials in the story, and matures as the story progresses. Throughout the story, her behavior depicts her as someone trying to show herself to be strong and manly like her father, as she imitates his actions. For example, while drinking coffee, she imitates the way he holds his cup. However, this act falls away when she shoots the doe. The innocence about her is destroyed at this point. She starts to believe that the child in her does not exist anymore; it died with the death of the doe. Her father was someone who encouraged her interest in such activities, and liked sharing interests with her in activities such as hunting. He did not believe that she was any less qualified to carry out hunting just because she was a girl. On the other hand, Charlie Spreun and his son did not think it was a good idea for her to be out hunting with them and doubted her throughout the trip. Kaplan used various symbols to portray Andy’s transition from being a girl to a woman. Before Andy begins to dream on the night after killing, she hears an owl. Owls usually symbolize the gaining of knowledge or insight. They bring messages from your unconscious about things you don't want to recognize but need to. In this case, the owl represents the transition of Andy from childhood to womanhood. When she wakes up, everything has changed. The dream was also a symbol of changes Andy went through. In the dream, Andy feels the wound where she had shot the dear. She places her hand inside and feels the heart of the doe and feels it beating. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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