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Cultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment: The Kite Runner - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that the Pashtuns believe that they are the true Afghanis, “the pure Afghans” and other minorities like Hazara. Pashtuns believe that they are a shame to their country and they should be demolished. The major population of Afghanistan is Sunni Islam approximately 80%-89%…
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Cultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment: The Kite Runner
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that Hassan was a loyal fellow who always proved himself at every single stage of life. He believed that Amir is his best friend so he always tried to help him and cheer him up. When Amir’s belongings were found in their hut he took the blame on himself; because he knew that if he refuses Amir will be the one to be accused.
Hassan knew that Amir was there and he saw when Assef and his friends were harassing him, and he also knew that this was what bothered Amir. He decided to take this step so he does not become a pain for Amir.
The basic thing required for the task is to study about the norms and the culture of the audience because by this way you can create a relationship of trust and understanding with them. I would develop an initial understanding of people’s backgrounds and cultures to work with them efficiently and understand their psychological, social, religious and cultural needs.
I will try to validate the culture of the adult by showing active involvement in his ethnic and cultural norms. In addition, I will try to indulge them in conversation with patience so that I can have their time and will try to find out the roots of the problems that they face. Knowledge about their social and cultural values would help in developing a trusting, respectful and strong relationship. I would be able to gain their attention by involving myself in their cultural and social traditions. I would gain their trust and be able to understand their issues. This will help my work easier and effective.

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