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Valediction by Sherman Alexie - Research Paper Example

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The main discussion contemplates on the poem Valediction, giving a detailed opinion on various poetic perspectives before the conclusion. Sherman Alexie’s Valediction is a poem featured in the book Best American Poetry as edited by David Lehman and Kevin Young in 2011…
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Valediction by Sherman Alexie
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Extract of sample "Valediction by Sherman Alexie"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the title Valediction generates the idea of some troubled setting for the poem, which facilitates a quick generation of the theme of the poem. From the basic definition of the term “valediction”, it is possible to depict the central message of the poem with some form of trouble expected. Bidding farewell entails a certain level of painful departure and detachment of persons and upon reading the title, it emerges that the author generates such a sorrowful theme in the poem. The poet presents the central theme using a brief and a simplified format with the choice of words particularly standing out clearly in the eight double-lined verses. The approach adopted by the poet in the design of the poem augurs well with the theme of a tragic ending of the life of the main character, making precision and accuracy important. Without the combination of precision and simplicity, the appearance of the poem as a strong presentation of the central theme of struggle would be difficult. Sherman Alexie is among the most seasoned of American contemporary artists with a wide spectrum of artistic genres including film, novel, short story, screenwriting, and poetry. Having a wide range of artistic occupations, Alexie was able to rise as an award-winning literary icon through early 1900s to date, amassing several awards in the process. Born in 1966 with hydrocephalus, a condition where there is excessive secretion of brain fluid in the cranial cavity, Alexie underwent a life-threatening surgery, which he survived. A difficult childhood coping with the condition coupled to bullying and teasing by other children did not intimidate him to rise to academic excellence witnessed as early as by the age of twelve. He had an exemplary life at school and his gradual recovery gave him the courage to take up several roles as a student leader in various disciplines including debate and sports. Alexie’s professional orientation manifests itself with a special bias on hopelessness and poverty among the marginalized communities in the United States, particularly among the Native American population. Perhaps the central theme in the poem Valediction falls within the best range of issues that his traditional orientation captures. With regard to the sadness in a majority of the collection of his works, certain factors of presentation must come out clearly including precision, simplicity, and accuracy. In line with a passionate motivation from personal life experiences, Alexie captures the theme of suffering and helplessness in a unique way that many authors would. The perspective of suffering, taken by someone who is in terms with life encounter with sadness, enables the author to present an interesting point of view on the subject matter than many other writers. In the poem, owning up the theme from the introductory line “I know, I Know, I know, I Know, I know…” shows a deep conviction of the understanding of the victim’s predicament, to an extent of retiring on any hope of changing the mind of victim. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Valediction by Sherman Alexie Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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