Strengths and Weaknesses of Hamlet's Character - Assignment Example

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This paper will highlight several strengths and weaknesses of Hamlet’s character. According to the findings, it can be said that the positive aspects of Hamlet’s personality outweigh the negative aspects, and he can be considered a gentleman…
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Strengths and Weaknesses of Hamlets Character
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"Strengths and Weaknesses of Hamlet's Character"

Download file to see previous pages This assignment will begin with the statement that Hamlet is one of the most popular novels written by Williams Shakespeare and equally as popular is Hamlet, the tragic hero of the play. There are many dimensions of Hamlet’s personality, some good, and some not-so-good. An in-depth analysis of Hamlet’s character speaks of the fact that he is a tough man, who has the capability of generally making the right decisions in the times of immense pressure and stress. “Thanks to Shakespeare’s skillful and psychologically-astute characterization, Hamlet is now considered to be the greatest dramatic character ever created”. For one, Hamlet is extremely responsible and prudent. Although he had objective reason to believe his father’s ghost right from the start, since the ghost had been revealed to him by Horatio, and there were also guards who had witnessed the ghost in the first place, yet Hamlet does not kill Claudius unless the whole plot has been revealed to him by the dying Laertes. At this point, critics may argue that Hamlet had attempted to kill Claudius when he actually ended up killing Polonius, but probably, at that time, Hamlet was moved by his extreme rage for the person who had been overhearing the conversation between him and his mother. Later in the story, Hamlet happens to get several occasions where he could have killed Claudius straight away, but he was probably waiting for the right time, and the right time would be the one when he would be utterly sure of Claudius as his father’s murderer. From the various events that form part of the story, it can be assessed that Hamlet is by no means a coward. Such events include but are not limited to the murder of Polonius by Hamlet. For Hamlet, accepting the fact that his mother was dishonest towards his father was too difficult and emotionally demanding given his own father was the King of Denmark and provided his wife with all that a king should. Hamlet knows that she has done this only out of lust and sexual fantasies. Still, Hamlet lets go of the idea of taking revenge from his mother when his father’s ghost advises him to do so. Later, when Hamlet’s ship is attacked by pirates, he does not lose balance. In the end, he fights Laertes to death, and before dying, takes his father’s revenge. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to do all this, and Hamlet has it in him. In addition to that, Hamlet wears black clothes after his father’s death, which clearly depict the sorrow he feels for the tragic incident of his murder, but Hamlet does not, by any means, lets anybody know that what he is going through is much more than just the loss of a father. Hamlet is very strategic and emotionally intelligent by nature. One event from the story that is really impressive and provides evidence of Hamlet’s intelligence and strategic planning is when he calls the actors to perform the play The Mouse Trap, whose story Hamlet has modified to make it resemble his own. It not only takes a lot of intelligence to do so but also a great deal of courage and emotional balance and stability to keep oneself in the right state of mind while testing someone as close as a mother for something as heinous as killing her own husband to marry his brother. While testing his mother and uncle throughout the play, Hamlet does not let them know that he suspects Claudius for his father’s murderer. The way Hamlet modifies the play also provides evidence of his intelligence. A very important aspect of the character of Hamlet is how he reflects other characters, and this list of characters even includes Claudius who is the primary antagonist of the play.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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