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The Heart of Darkness Reflects the Paradoxes of Imperialism in the Late 19th entury - Essay Example

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Heart of Darkness Reflecting the Paradoxes of Imperialism in the Late Nineteenth Century Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 4 Paradoxes of Imperialism Reflected 4 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 Introduction “Heart of Darkness” is considered to be a novella that epitomizes the hollow aspect of civilization in the post-modern society…
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The Heart of Darkness Reflects the Paradoxes of Imperialism in the Late 19th entury
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"The Heart of Darkness Reflects the Paradoxes of Imperialism in the Late 19th entury"

Download file to see previous pages Myriad paradoxes of Imperialism are well exposed in the novel. This factor also forms one of the major themes of the novel, which is manifested with the operation of ego, super-ego and identification of every individual with suppressed and forbidden primitive instinct of savagery (Conrad, “The Heart of Darkness”). Thesis Statement This essay intends to explore the paradoxes of Imperialism manifested at myriad levels in the novel subtly presented through the intricate instinct of human being to revert back to primitivism. Paradoxes of Imperialism Reflected Before delineating with the multiple paradoxes of Imperialism operating throughout the novel, it is very important to express that the issues of imperialism that captivates the novel entirely are complicated. The spectacle of torture, slavery and de-humanized treatment of the colonizer upon the colonized is deliberately developed at a slow pace through the trajectory of Marlow’s journey from the Outer Station to the Central Station and ultimately to the river which is named in the novella as Inner Station. The entire journey which Marlow covers through these areas projects a very harsh panorama of colonial enterprise. A close introspection to the plot of the novella also launches the readers to a paradigm where the adventures undertaken by Marlow and the momentary drive behind all those adventurous plunge hints at the rhetoric inherently associated with the means that justify the hypocrisy of the imperial system. The men working for the company execute exploitation in the name of “trade” and their treatment to the native Africans are justified as a process of civilizing them (Conrad 3-100). If the character of Kurtz is observed carefully then one can find the true paradox of imperialism operating in the novel. He does not consider his taking of ivory with force as any kind of trade. He confesses what he executes. His treatment of the natives is clearly termed by him as “suppression” and “extermination”. He is peaceably fine with this fact that he reigns with the means of violence and threats. Kurtz’s perverse and dishonest nature is responsible for his downfall. But at the core of his fall the primitive pursuit of mankind behind the sophistry evolves out. This instinct is savage and inherent in every individual (Conrad 3-200). The novel “Heart of Darkness” is a marathon against the oppression inflicted on the non-whites behind the imperial pursuit and is projected in a more harsh and sinister way. For Marlow, the Africans turn out to be a mere backdrop. He calls his helmsman as machinery and the black mistress of Kurtz as a fine example of statuary. It is subjugated to a human screen where Marlow can work out his philosophical struggle for existential crisis. For Marlow as well, the presence of the natives and their exoticism, supplies fuel to his pursuit of self contemplation. In the case of Marlow there is no trace of open racial abuse or colonial violence. Nevertheless, the kind of dehumanization projected through the philanthropic and philosophical zeal of Marlow is an exemplary outcome of Imperial aggression. At one plane, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How The Heart of Darkness Reflects the Paradoxes of Imperialism in the 19th Century
...of the of the The Heart of Darkness and the Paradoxes of Imperialism Q. The Heart of Darkness is one of the great literary criticisms of the process of imperial expansion in Africa. Yet Marlowe, the main character, is originally fascinated by imperialism and the possibilities that exploring Africa has to offer to a young man seeking his fortune and a name for himself. Discuss how The Heart of Darkness reflects the paradoxes of imperialism in the late 19th century. A. Introduction The...
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...?Edward Said, “Two Visions in Heart of Darkness” pp. 22-31; Culture and Imperialism, (1993), Vintage Books; A Division of Random House, New York. Written just before the onset of the 20th century, Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness captures the agenda of white imperialism of the West over colonised and subjugated people of the African continent. The story is about: ‘Europeans performing acts of imperial mastery and will in (or about) Africa’. By this time business interests predominated over adventurous and exploratory interests in empire building. The imperialist world that Conrad narrates is sealed within its own...
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Conrad's Heart of Darkness
...Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" Rhetoric of Enigma Heart of Darkness by Conrad Joseph is a novel that explores colonial imperialism in parts of the world. The novel reflects the presence of colonists in colony that is in Africa. Conrad wrote this novel in 1890s during the time when European placed the darkest sites of the world under their control. Europeans scrambled and stretched their powers outside their continent to far parts of Africa. This novel provides an account of European imperial activities in Congo. Conrad wrote this book while he was adventuring Congo, which was a Belgian Colony. Conrad novel allude that...
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Heart of Darkness
... that they would introduce ‘light’ to the colonies becomes hollow. In total, it becomes evident that the purpose of Conrad in Heart of Darkness is to show how the claim of the colonialists that they would bring ‘light’ to the colonies is erroneous by describing how ‘darker’ the light of imperialism is than the ‘dark’ of Congo. Works Cited Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. London: Plain Label Books, 1975. Print.... ? Heart of Darkness The novella Heart of Darkness has always raised controversy for the interesting way Joseph Conrad has written it. While some people argue that he was a racist, others allege that he has used racist language only to show that the Europeans who...
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...New Imperialism in The Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness, is a story of Charlie Marlow, a young man who wants to make a journey, and sets off for the Congo River. He hears about a man named Kurtz who was at that time in the jungle-wilderness of interior Congo. He searched for Kurtz and encountered a man who took him to a realization that he never expected. The novel depicts imperialism in complex ways. Perhaps the clearest illustration of imperialism was when Marlow reached the outer station. Surrounded by slave workers, with large holes filled with broken machines around him, he said that “imperialism...
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Discuss how The Heart of Darkness reflects the paradoxes of imperialism in the late 19th century
...18 February The Horrors of the Darkness of Imperialism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness is one of arguablythe finest literary criticisms of imperial expansion in nineteenth-century Africa. Marlowe is caught between the fascination for the wealth of imperialism and its disturbing consequences. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad skilfully exposes the moral conundrum of imperialism. This essay discusses how Heart of Darkness reflects the paradoxes of...
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Conrad's Heart of Darkness
...Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Modernist Narrative Dis on Colonialism Conrad's Heart of Darkness, published at the close the nineteenth century (1899), is an important step in the development of the modern. It is an early important example of the Western intellectual elite in reaction against Western culture, in this case in denouncing colonialism, then an integral part of European and American civilization. Conrad does not merely decry the excesses of King Leopold II in the Congo, as a more traditional writer might have done (and as indeed many did), but singled out colonialism as subversive of Western identity, as incompatible with and destructive of the ideals upon the...
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...The Narrative Perspective Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues are considered great pieces of literature and this is due in no small part to the narrative style used in the works. In both of the writings, the little known narrator, who is for the most part unsure of himself, shows both a fascination as well as revulsion for the other central characters i.e. Sonny and Kurtz. This similarity and other subtle differences in the styles go to show how both the writers used their narration style to support their main themes. British imperialism and British hypocrisy concerning other cultures come across as the key themes in Heart of Darkness....
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Imperialism and civilization in Heart od Darkness
...encounter with the enigmatic Kurtz and his hunger for exercising his power transforms him into power hungry after undergoing the experiences in the Congo River. The discourse of the novel is well displayed through the trajectory of the character of protagonist. Marlow’s aunt and uncle both want Marlow to stamp out the barbaric ways of the natives and their entire course of action is guided by the corruptive mind that reflects the greed and power hunger of an imperial mind. The intended, who is the fiancé of Kurtz, is an epitome of European refinement and culture and implores the last words of Kurtz and remains faithful towards Kurtz for long even after his death. Thus, it is noticed that...
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...Heart of Darkness Analysis Affiliation Heart of the Darkness is a story about Marlow a sailor who goes on a journey up the Congo River to meet Kurtz, a man with great abilities. Conrad tries to bring out realism and romantic tradition of contemporaries in Heart of Darkness in pursuit of wealth. Romantic tradition is brought out when Marlow sympathizes with Kurtz, and he entrust him with his private documents (Conrad, 1902). Marlow regrets telling lies to Kurtz’s wife about his last words before death. He is happy after comforting Kurtz’s wife through the lie. Conrad in his writing and through his main character Marlow exaggerates stories...
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