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American Writers - Essay Example

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Literature is one of the main areas of learning that concentrate their themes on one core role; correcting or informing the society concerning certain necessities. Besides, it is classified as the oldest area of study. It began centuries even before the introduction of literacy. …
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American Writers
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"American Writers"

Download file to see previous pages Maxine was a daughter to an illegal Chinese immigrant into the US. This status made her compile several novels, most of which discussed mainly her life in the United States. This provided her with a good environment to express her opinion on the United States. One of her works that received many criticisms in the Chinese world is “The woman warrior: Memoirs of Girlhood among Ghosts.” In the book, she talks of a No Name woman who is poised by Chinese culture. The book, when analyzed well, reveals Maxine’s view on America as a civilized society where culture does not interfere with or control individual’s freedom.
In most of her other novels, for instance, in the Book Tripmaster Monkey, she mainly majors in the use of juxtaposition and symbolism to make side-by-side comparison between the two societies; America and China. Her main point, while comparing the two societies, is mainly based on the cultural differences and their effects to the parties involved. Her fellow Chinese Americans in the US sees the book as a disrespect and negative exposure of the Chinese culture to the outside world. In another article, such as the fifth book of peace, she ironically states that writing about peace has become extremely difficult. Summing up all her works of art, she is a woman who loves the American culture and sees it less oppressing, and democratic than the Chinese culture that is full of gender and religious discrimination.
Don Delillo DeLillo is an award –winning professional American author, essayist, and a play-writer. Most of his works of art cover diverse subjects such as sports, language complexities, nuclear war, cold war, art performance, as well as, Mathematics (DeLillo 23). Most of his books widely considered by critics to be central figures of the postmodern literature. Almost all her books explore postmodernism themes and satirize academia themes of novelty intellectualism, consumerism, reintegration, and disintegration of families, underground conspiracies, as well as, rebirth through violence. Another common theme in most of his books is mass media saturation and its role in the formation of simulacra that serves the purpose of removing from their contents and altering or draining their inherent meaning. From her book, Mao II, he uses many rhetorical questions to analyze and outline the Americans on their view concerning terrorism. His last novel was, Falling Man, written in 2007. Before he completed writing the novel, most of the normal critics in the United States had already started analyzing his view and belief on the 9/11 event in New York, that is, the bombing of the New York City in 2004. They thought that, as an “American Enemy,” he would undoubtedly come up with blame explanations especially on the American government as being responsible for the occurrence. According to his interview in 2007 in Die Zeit, he asserted that his intention was not to write anything about the 9/11q event. “...didn't ever want to write a novel about the event.” and “... I had an idea for a different book” (DeLillo 89). This excerpt implies that he did not have the intention to write anything about the bombing. However, his critical stand and belief that American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... his or her own way to instill discipline and win the trust of the students. I would highly recommend this movie to someone else since it is very educative both to the students and to teachers in order to produce disciplined and hardworking students. Reference DeVito, D., Shamberg, M., & Sher, S. (Producer), & LaGravenese, R. (Director). (2007). Freedom Writers [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.... al Affiliation) The characters best portrayed in the movie are Erin Gruwell who acted as a new schoolteacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long beach, and Eva and Sindy who were students at the school (DeVito, Shamberg, & Sher, 2007). This movie is realistic even in today’s life whereby in most schools, students often group...
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