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This study presents an analysis of the Novel “A Farewell to Arms” under the following divisions: the characters of the novel; the story of the novel; the message of the novel; significance of the title; the novel as a tragedy; the stylistic features of the novel. …
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A Farewell to Arms
Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that man’s life is filled with trials in this world. He has been gifted with a great power of expression. He talks about these trials in his interactions with his fellow humans. Humans share the experiences and their perceptions of life through literature. Great books of literature are the books that talk about and depict human problems with artistic beauty. Literary greatness is defined by a realistic description of life and the artistic beauty. Thus, literature instructs and entertains us.   We understand human life and human problems through literature. There are best sellers which sellers who sell best for only a limited period of time. But, there are books which remain best sellers for generations. Talking about human problems is one of the features of such universally famous books.  Such books talk about problems faced by man all over the globe. “A Farewell to Arms” is such a book. It is a story of human struggle. It has been liked and loved by readers of English literature for more than 80 years. Ever since its publication in 1929, the novel has strengthened Hemingway’s stature as a modern American writer. Today, Hemingway is regarded a giant in American literature.  The novel appeared first in an environment of war disillusionment after the First World War. One of the themes in the novel is the hopelessness of war.  War is a problem faced by man all over the globe. ...
Passini is another driver under Henry’s command. He is killed by a mortar. Then there is a priest in Henry’s unit who offers spiritual advice to Henry. Then, there is character of Major who is the commanding officer in Henry’s medical unit. Catherine Barkley is a British nurse. She is nurse who is conscious of her duties as a nurse. Helen Ferguson is Catherine’s colleague. Thus, most of the characters of the novel come from Henry’s unit. The Story of the Novel The novel spans over five books. It highlights the tragic love story about an American ambulance lieutenant and an English nurse. The story delineates the war experiences of Frederic Henry on the Italian front during the First World War. Frederic Henry, a volunteer American ambulance lieutenant, is narrator of the story. He himself is a character in the story. In the story, he is a manly man who likes women and drink. He is a brave person who gives his youth and health to war. When the story begins Rinaldi, an Italian physician introduces Henry to Catherine Barkley, an English Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse. She is a perfect woman. She is originally from Scotland. She has lost her fiance who got killed in the Battle of the Somme. Catherine and Henry fall in love. When Henry gets wounded by a mortar shell and is brought to a hospital in Milan, Catherine manages to strike a balance between her duties as a nurse and her passion and love for Henry. They begin to spend time together. He passionately loves Catherine and she gets pregnant during his stay at the hospital. Helen Ferguson does not like Henry. She does not like the relationship between Henry and Catherine. When Henry returns to war, he kills a sergeant for insubordination. Here the story takes a new turn. He is arrested on the grounds of ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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