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King Lear and Doctor Faustus: similarities and differences - Essay Example

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From the research it can be comprehended that each of the men in each of the plays, however, could have been redeemed if they would have put their faith in the good in their lives. That none of the men did until it was too late was the ultimate tragedy. …
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King Lear and Doctor Faustus: similarities and differences
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"King Lear and Doctor Faustus: similarities and differences"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses KING LEAR AND DOCTOR FAUSTUS. Both men are seduced by evil. In Lear’s case, evil takes the form of his daughters, Goneril and Regan. Both daughters are the same – duplicitous, hateful, with no conscience. In the beginning, they use their words to get what they want from the King, which is 2/3 of his kingdom. They both use empty flattery to accomplish this. Then, when they get what they want, they promptly use their newfound gains for evil. They insult their father, and, in a fiery exchange, Lear leaves the daughters in the middle of a storm. The reason for this is because the daughters had put his faithful emissary, the Duke of Kent, in the stocks for speaking ill of Oswald, who is Regan’s steward. They also pluck out the eyes of Gloucester, because Gloucester allegedly was helping France in a plot against the Duke of Cornwall, who was Regan’s husband. Gloucester’s other “sin” was helping the King after he left the daughters’ castle. Similarly, Gloucester suffered the same as King Lear, in that he put his faith in an evil son, Edmund, who informed on him about Gloucester’s alleged plot against Cornwall. Like Lear, Gloucester also had a good child, Edgar, but he was unable to see this, just like Lear. There is every indication that Lear and Gloucester should have known better. After all, they raised these children. They should have known that these children were evil. They also should have known that their good children, Lear’s Cordelia and Gloucester’s Edgar, were good. ...
After all, they raised these children. They should have known that these children were evil. They also should have known that their good children, Lear’s Cordelia and Gloucester’s Edgar, were good. That they could not see this until it was too late would imply that both men were foolish. While King Lear could also be said to have a tragic flaw of pride, in that it was his pride that induced him to seek insincere words from his daughters, his bigger flaw was simply blindness. Gloucester had a bit more of a reason not to understand that Edmund was evil, as Edmund was his illegitimate son, and Edgar was his legitimate son. Nevertheless, having raised Edgar, Gloucester should have understood that Edgar’s character was that of a faithful and kind man. Gloucester is spiritually blind, then becomes literally blind. Both men’s tragic flaw was there blindness and ignorance. As with Lear, Faustus in Dr. Faustus was seduced by evil. Unlike Lear, the evil in Faustus’ case took the form of an ugly creature, Mephistophilis. Mephistophilis appears to Faustus because Faustus abjured the holy trinity. When Mephistophilis appears, Faustus agrees to give the Devil soul in exchange for 24 years on earth, where Mephistophilis will serve him and give him his every want. The reason for this is nothing more than the fact that Faustus was bored. He was a learned man in science, medicine, philosophy and divinity, and he found all of this lacking. The irony, of course, is that he sold his soul to the Devil, yet he did not do anything good with his powers. He could have done anything – help the poor, heal the sick, find new cures for disease, etc. What he chose to do with his power, however, was silly things – he plays ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Christopher marlowe, doctor faustus
The lines depict Scene III of Act l, where the protagonist character Dr. Faustus appears to be denouncing his Christian faith in order to obtain worldly pursuits and gains just for the period of less than two and half decades in the presence of Mephistopheles.
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