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Is Hamlet Primarily a Tragedy of Revenge - Essay Example

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“Hamlet” by Shakespeare is a perpetual poet masterpiece of all times. The masterpiece depicts the main character, Hamlet, as a person of great and unrivaled eloquent power, a philosopher, and an individual who stands tall against the grey mold in his era…
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Is Hamlet Primarily a Tragedy of Revenge
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Extract of sample "Is Hamlet Primarily a Tragedy of Revenge"

Download file to see previous pages The disclosures by the Ghost create a tussle between Claudius and Hamlet, prompting Hamlet to seek revenge. This makes the main of the play to be revenge. Indeed, all other subplots emanate from the theme of revenge. Polonius is the king’s main support, and therefore his spy (Tolman 164). In his strategies to revenge, Hamlet kills him. Ophelia, the daughter of Polonius and the beloved of Hamlet, commits suicide. Consequently, Laertes seeks the revenge for the death of his father and sister. Here, Claudius is opportunistic and uses Laertes against Hamlet. Essentially, Hamlet is seeking revenge from Claudius, and Laertes is seeking revenge from him. This clearly depicts the primary importance of the theme of revenge to the play. A tragedy of revenge is a form of tragedy with the primary source of tragic events being the theme of revenge. Nonetheless, not all tragic events with elements of revenge are revenge tragedies. Essentially, a tragic event may incorporate elements of revenge but its plot must revolve around the desire to carry out revenge in order to qualify as a revenge tragedy (Wiliamson 91). Hamlet is a prime example of a revenge tragedy. The source of all the desire to revenge in the entire play is the death of Hamlet’s father. If we were to trace back all the tragic events in the play, they would lead us back to efforts of revenge by Hamlet on his father’s death. The Ghost in form of Hamlet’s father discloses to Hamlet that his uncle killed him, thus Hamlet has to seek revenge. From this point onwards, Hamlet believes that he is entirely responsible for the revenge of his father, and he sets out to kill his uncle. This is the foundation of all the tragedies in the play. In the plot of revenge, he...
Is Hamlet Primarily a Tragedy of Revenge?

The desire by Hamlet to revenge the death of his father somehow distracts his intelligence and morals, leading to his early death. Arguably, Hamlet is one of the complex characters in Shakespeare’s works; literary analysts still debate on whether Hamlet’s insanity is original. The life progress of Hamlet is outstanding. He grows from a young prince with the opportunity to rule his kingdom but ends up as a lunatic and insane prince with the obsession of revenging the death of his father. The theme of revenge is present throughout the play and is the central driving force behind Hamlet. Hamlet believes that Claudius, his uncle, killed his father, which is true as the play later reveals. This triggers him to start investigations into the matter. Hamlet displays strong characteristics of insanity that can easily fool the audience, but his moves and strategies exhibit a high level of intelligence. Essentially, the pursuit of his father’s revenge has literary destroyed his life (Thorndike 127). For instance, his relationship with two women, Ophelia and Gertrude turn sour because of the revenge, as well as their deaths. At one point in the play, Hamlet actually questions the importance of his existence. Moreover, his revenge antics lead to the death of the innocent Polonius and the consequent death of his mother.
At the end of the play, all the characters seeking revenge suffer death. Hamlet pursuit of revenge for his father’s death is the basis of the play’s sub plots and other themes, and keeps the characters strong on their strategies. All the tragic events that occur in the play result from Hamlet’s revenge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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