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Shakespeares: As you like it - Essay Example

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This essay "Shakespeare’s As you like it” provides an analysis of some of the settings and symbolisms used in this play, so as provide an understanding of how stylistic devices are used in writing plays. The author uses his characters to discuss topics such as love, death etc…
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Shakespeares: As you like it
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Extract of sample "Shakespeares: As you like it"

Download file to see previous pages The setting of this play begins at the French court but later goes down in the Forest of Arden. It is, therefore, necessary to note that the court and the Forest of Arden are the key settings of the play. All the scenes of Act 1 are happening on the court. At the court, treachery and backstabbing are the names of the game (BiblioBazaar & Shakespeare 11). This court is where Oliver supported a professional boxer to break his brother’s neck, and where scheming Duke Frederick reclaimed Duke Senior’s title. In the play, Shakespeare describes bone-crushing and neck-snapping scenes in a more amusing manner that adds humour to the play.
Act two and the following acts are happening in the Forest of Arden. This forest is fully occupied by shepherds living ordinary and simple lives; therefore, this setting is regarded as a “pastoralist” setting. The name “Aden” in this play has several meanings. In France, there is an old forest known as “Ardenne,” that is likened to Forest Aden of the play. This gives Aden a sense of meaning since the play also takes place in France. The author of the play believed that English audience of the 16th Century seemed to like the French Forest of “Ardenne,” since it appeared as an exotic, dreamy place with tale qualities. In addition, there was also a “Forest of Aden” near Shakespeare’s home town of Warwickshire, and this might have also facilitated the audience to liken the forest in As You Like it with good old England. Finally, the word “Aden” is also believed to have been formed from two words; Arcadia (is a Classical Greek mythology meaning earthly paradise), and Eden (the biblical paradise). This, therefore, means that audience associates “Aden” in the play’s setting with England, France, Arcadia, and Eden. The places to which the Forest of Aden in the play is associated with are believed to be paradises. We, therefore, expect Aden to be a paradise too. However, Aden’s physical and economic conditions do not make it qualify as a paradise. This is because it is windy, cold, and harboring by dangerous animals such as mama lion, which nearly killed Orlando (BiblioBazaar & Shakespeare 69). In addition, the only economic activity taking place in this forest is taking care of sheep. This is not an attractive job, as Old Corin in the play reminds the audience that “taking care of smelly, “greasy” sheep in no Picnic” (BiblioBazaar & Shakespeare 97). Then, what makes this Place be perceived as a paradise? According to Duke Senior, the prevailing physical and econ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Shakespeares: As You Like It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Shakespeares: As You Like It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Shakespeares: As You Like It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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