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Androgyny: Virginia Woolfs androgynious mind - Speech or Presentation Example

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Androgyny: Virginia Woolf?s androgynous mind In psychology and most importantly in the society, male and female genders have been conceptualized as two polar ends of single field. According to this point of view an individual is either male or female. But in reality human society has observed a situation where an individual possess properties of both male and female (Bem, 155)…
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Androgyny: Virginia Woolfs androgynious mind
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Extract of sample "Androgyny: Virginia Woolfs androgynious mind"

Download file to see previous pages Various theories have been developed to explain the nature of an androgynous individual. Various writers have included the concept in their literatures. This paper focuses on one such writer’s written examples and the use of the concept in those writings. This paper focuses on famous English author, novelist Virginia Woolf’s writings. Virginia Woolf and androgyny: Virginia Woolf, one of the most eminent female writers of all time, used the concept of androgyny in her writings. Woolf understood the concept very keenly and used it in most of her famous novels through an artist character. Her first three novels, The Voyage Out (1915), Night and Day (1919), and Jacob's Room (1922), did not have any character having the characteristics of both male and female. But she introduced the novel Mrs. Dalloway in 1925 where she used the concept of androgyny (Wolford, 1). Virginia Woolf has theorized the concept of androgyny as the reconciliation of opposites. She used the concept as “the unity and wholeness of a human mind” (Nunning, 7). According to Virginia Woolf an androgynous mind possess elements of famine and masculine characteristics and hence forms a complete integrated personality. In this regard she used the idea of androgyny not as just the merge of feminism and masculinity characteristics, rather as the equality or the equal interaction of characteristics of both male and female in the same mind. Woolf used the concept of androgynous mind as a mind where both famine and masculine features exist being cooperated and balanced. In the essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ she said that "The normal and comfortable state of being is when the male and female halves of the brain] live in harmony together, spiritually cooperating. If one is a man, still the feminine part of the brain has some effect; and the woman must also have intercourse with the man in her" (Wolford 1). She believed that every character in the world possesses an androgynous mind; with the male characteristics of being concrete with the facts and realities and full of self beliefs and female characteristics of being more structurally creative. She also agreed that androgyny is a nothing but another form of repression or most importantly, self-discipline (Wolford 1). The main reason that she has pointed out behind using the concept of androgyny in her writings was related to the necessity of having an androgynous mind to become fully creative. She regarded it to be more mature and complete for those having an androgynous mind compared to those having either masculine or famine mind or masculine and feminine way of thinking or feeling. She opined that to be creative in writing both opposite characteristics have to work together in the writer’s mind. She also praised androgynous mind as the ideal state of mind where the author cannot be biased against any particular gender and where both the opposed features work in harmony. She used all these concepts in her writings. For instance, in her famous essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ she used a typical scene in London where a man and a woman (both genders) come together in a taxi to describe this reconciliation of opposites (Nunning, 7-20). She used the concept of androgynous mind to point out the social context of her time related to shell shock, war, and class of the society. Her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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