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The House on Mango Street - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The House on Mango Street The analysed book focuses on a young girl’s view of life. It describes the life of Esperanza in a poor Latino neighbourhood. The book revolves around the day-to-day experiences of Esperanza: the way she relates with her siblings, her parents, the extended family and society in which she is a part of but constantly denies this fact…
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The House on Mango Street
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Extract of sample "The House on Mango Street"

Download file to see previous pages The author uses the main character Esperanza to teach us valuable lessons that we, the readers, can relate to, for example, the issue of embracing one's backgrounds is a vital part of existence. Thus, it is important to note that it is only through wholly acknowledging and totally embracing the past that we can focus on achieving marvellous things in life. This is evident from the resolution of Esperanza’s conflict when she resolves to move from Mango Street in the future without having to deny her past. The novel introduces social, personal and economic issues all intertwined. Esperanza comes from a Mexican-American family which resides in a Latino neighbourhood. The author gives us an insight of the social setting in America. We are introduced to the homogeneously cultured sections of the city. The Mango Street is a region in Chicago where the Latin population resided in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Esperanza dislikes the new house in Mango Street. She explains that the house in Mango Street was to be the ideal house her family dreamed of, but it turned out to be too small. Before moving to Mango Street, the family had lived in Loomis, Keeler, Paulina. The good thing about living in Mango Street was that they did not have to pay rent or share their yard with any of the neighbours. One dream that the family had achieved was to buy a home, but still it was not the ideal home that most people dream of. Esperanza is ashamed of her house, she thinks the house is small and sad (Cisneros 3). The representation of Esparanza in the issue of moving to a new house is of a girl who is full of pride. However, the society can relate to the difficulties that people experience when it comes to renting a house. We are exposed to the unliveable conditions that may be present in rented settlements. The family dream home does represent the dream home of many Americans from different backgrounds, and the many shattered dreams that arise due to the poverty which is an inseparable part of many American citizens' life. Esperanza is ashamed to show a nun the place where she lives, since at the back of her mind she senses some form of spite when the nun inquires of her residence. The nun's gesture makes Esperanza feel like nothing (Ciscenaros 5). The novel develops into a story of the making of a heroine. Esperanza matures sexually and emotionally over the years. Esperanza manages to make friends in her neighbourhood; she develops her first crush and endures sexual assault. It is evident that Esparanza has the determination to be a better person. This is evident in her interactions with older women in a bid to identify role models in her society. Esperanza embraces the skill of writing as a way of expressing herself and challenges in her neighbourhood. She also gives an insight into her plans for the future. She also gives us a clue of her dreams to own her home. Esparanza in the book has equated self-worth, happiness, and freedom with home ownership (108). Esperanza represents an image of a girl who is ashamed of the poverty-stricken state of the society, which is manifested in the family. The girl is aware of the disadvantages of being poor. She does not entrust anyone with information of her family. She expresses this feeling in the poems she writes and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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