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Memory and Rememory in Morrisons Beloved - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes memory and rememory in Morrison’s Beloved. The researcher focuses on analyzing the role of the protagonist in the book as well as provides detailed description of the characters, their memories and what ties them together.
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Memory and Rememory in Morrisons Beloved
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Extract of sample "Memory and Rememory in Morrisons Beloved"

Download file to see previous pages The events of her traumatic past will not let her live fully in the present. The first example of this occurs early in the story. Paul D., a man who Sethe knew in her past at the Sweet Home plantation comes to visit her. It is the first time that the two have met in 18 years . Their conversation brings old memories to the surface and acts as a catalyst, splitting the narrative of the story into two distinct time periods the first of the present, the second of the events from the 1850s. The uncontrollable slip that Sethe experiences that leads her into her past memories is a symptom of not dealing with and working through the events of her past There are two story lines told in this novel. The first takes place at 124 in 1873. The other is a series of fragmented flashback memories about twenty years prior during the 1850s. From the beginning of the novel, the tight grip that Sethe’s past has over her is obvious. She believes that the house is haunted by a malevolent spirit, that of her own child who was killed at two years of age. The haunting often takes on a physical aspect, with objects being thrown around the room. This has taken a toll on the family, with Denver, Sethe’s youngest daughter being withdrawn, and rarely leaving the house, and the two sons having left home at the age of 13. Sethe works actively to forget her past, even her own sons. The history of slavery that she has experienced haunts her and she pushes away the memories because the pain that they cause her is too much to bear. Slavery is a painful instance in human history that led to extensive suffering and pain for many people. This psychological impact of slavery is one that is widely known....
This research paper describes the Beloved book written by Morrison and analyzes the role of memories in it. The research paper briefly follows the story in the book. The story itself focuses on Sethe who was once a slave and now tries to live a new life with her daughter in Cincinnati. Sethe is unable to live her life in the present because the memory of her tragic past stil remain. She is constantly reliving her past through rememory and it keeps her in the past. This act of remembering makes all of her past tragedies “ever present” and impossible to escape. The researcher tries to analyze the role of memories in the book and how they tie three main characters together. The researcher states that in Beloved Toni Morrison provides a vivid example of the power that memory has in influencing and controlling the way that people live. It is analyzed that the three main people in the book, Sethe, Paul D. and Denver are bound by memory, with Sethe and Paul D. feeling forced to lock their emotions and past up where they cannot be experienced. It is clear though that this has significant negative consequences for all involved, hindering them from becoming whole and living full lives. The presence of Beloved in their lives, first as a ghost and then as a young woman acts as a means of rememory, atonement and finally absolution. The researcher also tries to conclude his analysis on the book and mentiones that Morris highlights historical memory, the need to be aware of our collective past and to grow because of it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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