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Gargoyles - Research Paper Example

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Gargoyles Name: Institution: Gargoyles The terminology gargoyle seems to have an etiological function in a majority of languages. In all of its origins, the term gargoyle shares an intimate linkage with the word gargle. From the French, the word gargoyle emanates from gargouille meaning the throat…
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Gargoyles Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Gargoyles"

Download file to see previous pages In a brief explanation, gargoyles are curvaceous structures that are usually located on the outside of buildings which have a draining system (Hecht, 2005). Gargoyles can be categorized as zoomorphic meaning that they take either an imaginary or real form of animals. Additionally, gargoyles can be anthropomorphic which possess a form of human beings. Others that signify demonic outlooks fall into fringe categories. In all the ages, gargoyles have taken various formats ranging from grotesques to chimeras. Consequently, gargoyles have been used by sculptors and artists to display their creativity. The origin of gargoyles began in the medieval ages with the onset of believing in Christ as the sole God and a living being. This notion was incongruent with the medieval credence that had the perspective of life being a struggle between good and evil. The perception intrigued many more believers who extended their idea of human beings having the ability to portray this dual nature. As such, the simplest living creatures were thought to have this duality in the form of magical might (Hecht, 2005). This perspective had implications that led to severe misunderstandings between the human beings and the animals. In the recent past, gargoyles have been represented as cartoon characters or alternatively in the Neo-Gothic times, they are referred to as faction animals. In the digital world especially on the internet literature, gargoyles have been portrayed as evil and badly behaved with regard to their conduct (Chisholm, 2000, November 12). Gargoyles were used to signify several meanings and attributes when used as sculptures. A majority of the sculptures had satirical significance on topics of public conduct and religion among other touchy issues. For example, the deadly sin of lust was represented by a sculpture of the lion in animals while in humans the representative part was the genitalia. Gargoyles were thought to have spiritual and allegory linkages. Gargoyles were thought to drive away demonic spirits and were used in places of worship for such purposes. Gargoyles could stand security and keep an eye on unwanted spirits as well as other creeping creatures. It was thought that they were unseen and they could come to life during the nights when all the people were in deep slumber. Perhaps another likelihood of the medieval gargoyles existence could be the fact they served as stern warnings to the evil’s populace. In the places of worship, there is always serenity and calmness compared to the outside that is marked with so many evil happenings. In a recent article, the gargoyles have been reported to be insurance policies against the falling and subsiding of structures (Weisman, 2009). Within the world of fiction, gargoyles are depicted as a racial variant of living creatures. The following excerpt is an overview of the series called the gargoyles, a movie produced by Weismann and Paur. Gargoyles had distinct features such as wings and were seen to possess might and power. The gargoyles were thought to be the protectors of the city during the year 994 A.D. These creatures were characterized as immobile caricatures embedded in stones on castles and other stone buildings. After the setting of the sun late in the evenings, these creatures would change their morphological features and come to life. They would do this with the sole aim of protecting their territories. These creatures did not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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