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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis - Book Report/Review Example

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The patient’s mother and mutual annoyance.
Screwtape suggests to Wormwood to build up a good settled habit that comprises of mutual annoyances in a bid to pull the patient away from the enemy. …
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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
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Extract of sample "The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis"

Download file to see previous pages In this regards, Screwtape knows that once such mutual annoyances exist then there is a high possibility of the patient running away from the enemy thinking that he (enemy) is not concerned within his or her (patients) situation. The idea that the patient believes to be abandoned is enough to pull her away from the enemy. The mutual annoyances in this case are daily pinpricks resulting from keeping of the enemy’s mind on the inner life as well as rendering the prayers innocuous.
The worldly couple and a double life
Screwtape suggests that since Wormwood has already provided worldly pleasures to the patient, there is need to delay as much as possible the pleasures so that the patient does not get to realize that such pleasures are unrelated to his or her faith. According to Screwtape, as long as people are interested and absolved in the worldly things in life, they will find it easier to stay away from God. A man will therefore want to live a double life given the temptations from worldly things that cause distractions from God.
The young woman and her minor fault
Screwtape is worried about the Christianity in the young woman given the fact that she is a novice. Nevertheless, Screwtape advices Wormwood to make sure that the spiritual pride in the woman increases to a level of exaggeration. Once the spiritual pride becomes exaggerated, then there is a likelihood that she is going to start enjoying sexual love and pride and this will draw her away from God hence conquering her. Screwtape talks about the young woman and mentions that her minor fault lies in the fact that when she is testing out life’s temptation she forgets about prayers for those moments and this make her more vulnerable. 4. Real pleasures as a special class of pleasures Screwtape believes that a good strategy for drawing away patients from God is through making them discover real pleasures as the last thing. Real pleasures are a special class of pleasures since they are expensive tedium. Some of the examples of real pleasures to man are the raw materials, starting points with which God has furnished them with. These can be counteracted by different worldly, conventions, or fashions to the patient thus drawing him away from God. 5. Church shopping In this concept, Screwtape after hearing that the patient is not wholly convinced with his current church despite the fact that he has been attending the same since he was converted, he (Screwtape) advices Wormwood to make the patient to start church shopping. Church shopping in this regards means the idea of going around to different churches to find the best that suits an individual. The reason for making creating within the patient the spirit of discontentment within his church thus shop for other churches is to break the possibility of unity that is likely to exist if the worshippers continue going to the same church. 6. Emotion and imagination in prayer In regards to emotions and imaginations, the two identifies that the enemy would always like to pray towards composite objects. In this regards, all his emotions and imaginations will be towards the composite object. Screwtape tells Wormwood to encourage the patient to attach significant value to the composite objects. This will keep his imagination on the same object throughout the prayer. In doing this, they will be successful as the patient will have little or no time to pray for what he knows. 7. The historical point of view and truth Screwtape talks about how he wants to make sure that every man in only told a part of the truth. Keeping in mind the theme of truth, he wants to lead the patient into so much confusion that is hard to understand what the actual truth is. The historical p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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