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The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong - Essay Example

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The essay "The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong" explores the memoirs of Lady Hyegyong contains four autobiographical narratives. They are written by an eighteenth-century noble woman. She married the Crown Prince Sado at the age of nine, Prince Sado fell ill and was killed by King Yongjo…
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The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong
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Extract of sample "The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, he was very caring, loving, and obedient towards his parents. However, in the absence of parental care and strong hands to guide him, the prince grew in a lot of freedom as the maids who were responsible to care him did not do their duty well. However, as the child was well aware of the consequences if his father identified the mistakes he committed, the child was forced to lie in order to protect himself from punishment. As the child grew more and more fearful of his father, the king grew more and more suspicious about the nature of the prince. Admittedly, King Yongjo was a clever king who was fast and accurate. Contrary to his expectations, Prince Sado was slow and hesitant to communicate. Thus, many times, he could not respond in a proper way to the fast questions of his father. As his father grew more and more angry and suspicious, he grew more fearful. Thus, this basic difference in their characters led to more complex situations as time progressed. As time passed, there was growing degree of estrangement between both of them. Thus, as the prince, again and again, failed to perform up to the expectations of his father, fatherly love and affection were superseded by resentment. In fact, it is a rather reasonable assumption that this ill treatment was the reason behind the obscure illness the prince faced at the age of twelve. Here, one has to consider the fact that the time the prince was in Kyongchun-jon, very near to his mother and sister, he lived a life of happiness and he studied well. However, as he was removed from there to Chuphui-dang Hall, far away from his mother and sister, the prince again develops his pathetic attitude. In addition, the narrative reveals that the king and Lady Sonhui were so severely hit by the death of their daughter Princess Hwapyong that they totally ignored the young prince and his welfare. Thus, it becomes evident that the prince was a person who was neglected, to a considerable extent, by the people who were supposed to care and love. The narrative presents no instances where the king tries to love the young prince or to instruct him in a friendly way. The relationship was much more of ignorance and displeasure. For instance, when King Yongjo was ill, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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