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Inheritance of Loss - Essay Example

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Inheritance of Loss Name Institution ‘’The Inheritance of loss’’ by Kiran Desai is a novel set in the Himalayas in the mid 1980’s. The novel discusses about estrangement, belonging, homecoming, exile, unrest and betrayals. Throughout the novel, we are told how various characters face various troubles and instances of unrest in their lives…
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Inheritance of Loss
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Extract of sample "Inheritance of Loss"

Download file to see previous pages What is interesting is that, all these troubles that various characters experience are related to problems of statehood of India (Desai, 2009). The author tells of the conflict that exists between India and Nepal. Nepalese immigrants are not happy with the xenophobic treatment they receive in Indian villages. Another important aspect that the author brings out is that troubles that characters face are related to hatreds that do not seem to be ending. Therefore, the author has succeeded in addressing thematic concerns as a result of describing the plight and lives of various characters. Desai takes the reader to northeastern Himalayas at the foot of Mt. Kanchenjunga, where an old judge lives in a humble abode order to retire in a peaceful manner. The house, Cho Oyu, where the judge lives has no sign to his former glory, but he does not mind this. He lives with his orphaned granddaughter, Sai his cook and their dog, Mutt. The old judge is really disturbed with his past. From his perspective, the author brings out the first aspect of unrest. The judge hopes that, by retreating to this humble abode in Cho Oyu, he would forget about his past. This characterizes his mental unrest (Desai, 2009). We get to learn of the cause for the judge’s unrest. ...
This to many, was seen as a sign of great things to come. Away in England, there was more unrest for him since he was subjected to widespread prejudice, which unsettled his leaning and settling in England. His color, religion and language all made him the subject of prejudicial treatment. The judge was really disturbed by these ordeals, and these made him really upset and frustrated. He began to question his roots and identity, and his connection to India while in England (Desai, 2009). All these were various factors that contributed to his unrest in his earlier years. Upon returning home, the judge vents his angers and frustrations towards those surrounding him. The one who is most subjected to these frustrations is his wife, who really has to deal with his anger and unrest daily. This is a really harsh treatment since his wife was not part of his frustrations while in England. The judge is unaware that his wife had borne him a son while he was away. When Sai arrives at his home, the judge starts to confront his own suffering while in England as a result of colonialism and racial prejudice. He also starts to confront his own feelings concerning the harsh treatment that he had subjected his wife to, upon his return from oversees. This sums up his unrest, troubles and tribulations. Sai was brought to the old judge after her parents passed on in Russia. At the time of their death, Sai barely knew them, and their death adds to the mental unrest and disturbance that the old judge is undergoing. The author describes how Sai has grown to be a young beautiful lady who has now fallen in love with her college tutor in science, Gyan (Desai, 2009). Sai undergoes unrest and problems in her life from a very tender age. We are introduced to Sai when she loses her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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