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Chris van allsburg - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Chris Van Allsburg Introduction Chris Van Allsburg was born on June 18, 1949, in Grand Rapids, Michigan (6). Van Allsburg’s high-quality work occurs in galleries and movies, in addition to books. His fantastic artwork generates a remarkable world where usual objects become inexplicable…
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Chris van allsburg
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Download file to see previous pages Influence of his childhood experiences on his Later Works Most people including children, teachers and even parents often have a kind of obsession towards the books written by Chris Van Allsburg. Different kinds of people ranging from children to adults like his work, which is very appealing to them. In this case, his work is able to appeal different audiences since it is neither unsophisticated nor mechanical. The basis of his writing does not accrue from the percepts of enjoyment by different age groups, rather he writes on the basis of self enjoyment. This makes his works thrilling and enjoyable across various age-groups and diverse audiences. The only unfailing feature in his writings is the constantly attractive, frequently inexplicable, and intermittently looming way he approaches the question "What if" ( 1). His childhood experiences greatly influenced his later works in art and especially writing. When he was still a young boy, he really liked to build different types of models. This he did mostly when at home. This formed the basis of his artwork as he built different models of cars, trucks and planes and he painted them cautiously. In addition, he could effortlessly draw famous cartoon characters such as Pluto, Pogo and Mickey Mouse. It is also evident that his work started to be thrilling when he was still a young boo. For instance, when he made these models and drawings, his fellow students often became thrilled by these works. This highly motivated him to continue with his thrilling works (Wheeler, 7). Chris did not have the slightest idea that one day he would become a famous artist when he was growing up. He enjoyed doing what he loved to do most, which is art throughout his childhood. In particular, he really enjoyed drawing various cartoon characters, which formed the basis of his artwork. In addition, he really enjoyed attending art classes, which occurred two days a week. More than any other classes, Chris really enjoyed attending these classes. He enjoyed these classes such that despite being sick, he would still go to school during the days when there were these art classes (Mifflin, 1). This clearly portrays that his experiences in childhood greatly influenced his later works. Although he did not have an idea of what kind of a person he would become, he loved art and that was enough for him. Baker indicates that Chris decided to become an illustrator when he was still a child. He states that Chris spent most of his time reading different writings and drawing diverse works. As he grew up, Chris got enthralled by the rainy days, which he deemed special. During these rainy days, Chris often thought of writing beautiful books with thrilling pictures. This greatly influenced his imaginative aspect, which is evident in most of the books he has written. In this case, most of his works reflect a very imaginative mind, in which he portrays his imaginative works as real happenings. Often, Chris asserts that the detail in most of his work helps to influence and convince him, that such places might be actual (1). When he was in high Scholl, his interest in art started to decline but rekindled after leaving high school. After leaving high school he was quick to enroll in an art school since he thought that the classes and the lessons offered would be easy for him given his love for art from childhood. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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