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Hat have Malcomn X and Martin Luther King Jr. come to represent in American and world History and Culture - Essay Example

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Date Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Social-Political Ideals Both Malcolm X and Martin Luther Jr. have several similarities as well as differences in understanding the African-American history. Both were black Americans and took the lead in articulating the grievances of the oppressed blacks in America…
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Hat have Malcomn X and Martin Luther King Jr. come to represent in American and world History and Culture
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Extract of sample "Hat have Malcomn X and Martin Luther King Jr. come to represent in American and world History and Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Kennedy (the then president of America), and Robert F. Kennedy constitute the list (DeCaro 234). Ideals of Malcolm X Unlike Luther, Malcolm X believed in the militant approach of articulating people’s grievances. Malcolm X resented the discrimination tendency that was on the rife in America then for the blacks (Rickford 123). He lamented that Blacks just like the whites had equal rights in the country and vehemently opposed all the discriminatory policies that were imposed on Blacks including disfranchising the blacks (Rickford 233). Because of his militant way of addressing people’s grievances, Malcolm X in several occasions rebuked Luther for his policy on non-violent methods of seeking attention even though both were in pursuant of the same objective. Malcolm after the unclear death of his father and paralysis of his mother lived with foster families and later with his sister. Malcolm aggression is attributed to his past experiences of life in relation to the oppression he observed laid on Blacks by the Whites. Malcolm belief that Blacks were oppressed and needed liberation through use of force was enhanced during his incarceration in Norfolk (Baldwin 188). During this period, Malcolm converted to profess Islamic faith owing to the teaching of the Islam-equality among human races. Following his conversion, he became a follower of the Nation Islam Leader Elijah Muhammad since the movement was for the Blacks (DeCaro 229). Because of his violent rhetoric, Malcolm became a worry to the whites in America and apparently that lead to his assassination on 21 February 1965 in Harlem, New York in public gathering while giving a speech. He adopted the use of X as his other name because he could not trace his African name (Rickford 287). Luther’s Ideals In a sharp contrast, Luther who was another African American descendant negated the use of violent in articulating people’s grievances and instead opted for the non-violent way. Luther fondly known as the father of civil rights movement was equally opposed to the segregation and discrimination that existed between the blacks and the whites in America then. Equality, fair labor laws, and voting rights were top of Luther’s concern in addressing his people’s issues (Baldwin 212). Just like Malcolm, Luther learnt the non-violent approach from the Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi’s teachings on resistance to oppression were based non-violent methods. Luther was impressed with Gandhi’s teachings and even paid him a visit, he used the teachings to ensure that his people’s desires were met while not tolerating any form of violence. One of the most salient memories of Luther’s non-violent approach to resistance was the Montgomery bus boycott. Luther organized a bus boycott that lasted for nearly a year following the arrest of a black by Rosa Park on grounds that the black refused to surrender her seat for her, a white. Instead of violence, Luther opted for the boycott as that was his ideal (Baldwin 302). Similar movement was observed in Albany where he organized demonstrations in articulating the grievances of hi people. Again, because of Kings Popularity increase and pressure he was putting on the government, he was assassinated in a public meeting in Memphis, Tennesse on 4 April 1968 (Baldwin 398). Just like in the case of martin Luther and Malcolm, I would prefer social-political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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