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World literature lesson 5 - Essay Example

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Match the terms in Column I with the descriptions in Column II Allegory - G. a story in which the characters, settings, and events stand for abstract or moral concepts. Foreshadowing - B. clues that hint at what is going to happen later in the plot Metaphor - I. A figure of speech that makes a connection between two seemingly unlike things Sonnet - C…
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World literature lesson 5
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Download file to see previous pages A figure of speech that makes a connection between two seemingly unlike things Sonnet - C. a 14-line lyric poem usually written in iambic pentameter that follows one of several rhyme schemes Parody - A. the imitation of an artistic work for amusement or instruction Satire - J. writing that ridicules human weakness, vices, or folly in order to bring about social reform Irony - E. a contrast or discrepancy between expectations and reality Mood - D. the overall emotion created by a work of literature Setting - H. the time and place of a work Theme - F. the central idea or insight of a work of literature (2) Which literary period was Wordsworth describing when he said that literature was “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings?” Romanticism (3) Why is it ironic that Sasha threatens his uncle Ivan Markovitch for money? Ivan Markovitch has just kept Sasha from being tried for a crime. (4) In Chevrefoil, an extended metaphor is used to – describe the love shared by Tristan and Iseult. (5) The climax of a story is defined as the point at which the story’s excitement or suspense peaks. (6) In Faust, Mephistopheles characterizes Faust to the Lord as a -- a fool who does not serve the Lord well. (7) In Faust, Faust begins his experiment with Mephistopheles by seeking “The most painful joy, enamoured hate, enlivening / Disgust” because he – hopes passion will teach him what knowledge could not. (8) When read as an allegory, Dante's journey through Hell warns readers to live righteous lives. (9) In The Song of Roland, Roland did not sound his horn to call for help earlier in the battle because he was too proud to admit his need for help. (10) Which line from How Siegfried Was Slain is the best example of foreshadowing? “What if we have offended any men who have the power to vent their malice on us?” (11) A careful reader can best predict what will come later in a story by using clues from the story and personal experience. (12) In order to give human form to strong emotions, sonnet poets often use personification. (13) Brother Onion says his servant Guccio is helpful, responsible, and respectful. In truth, Guccio is none of those things. Brother Onion's misplaced trust in his servant is used to give added impact to the irony of his sermon when the prank of his friends is discovered. (14) In the story The Piece of String the conflict between Maitre Hauchecorne and Maitre Malandain grows into a conflict between Maitre Hauchecorne and the entire town. (15) The line from Russia 1812 describing the soldier who died at his post with his "stone lips frozen to the bugle's mouth" contains an example of imagery. (16) Which is NOT true of the literary movement known as “Realism”? It was an offshoot of Naturalism. (17) Faust is one significant character in the 16th century German literature known to have been consumed by discontent in life despite successful intellectual pursuit. As a protagonist, he is initially identified with the remarkable scholarly nature of engaging with in-depth studies of philosophy, medicine, and even theology only to find that he could not seem to have enough of the world. Eventually, this principle governs his thoughts toward the urge for more knowledge and other objects that would relive Faust of dissatisfaction. Because he claims “No doubts plague me, nor scruples as well. / I’m not afraid of devil or hell”, Faust likely dares himself and desires to figure the extent of his potentials. Hence, he considers making a bargain with the devil and shifts into a character who occurs to lose sanity and negotiates with the devil that he may acquire unlimited knowledge and gratification for material obsession. The tragic end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World Literature Lesson 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“World Literature Lesson 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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