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Athena at Los Angles Country Museum of Art - Essay Example

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Name Class Name and Number Date Athena The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is an art museum in California that interests a number of people each year. Being a large museum, it holds thousands of ancient and modern exhibits. Generally, this tourist spot is a haven of art where people of all walks of life can appreciate aesthetics in its varied impressions like love, numbers, language, and enlightenment (Raczka, 17)…
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Athena at Los Angles Country Museum of Art
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Extract of sample "Athena at Los Angles Country Museum of Art"

Download file to see previous pages She also has similarities with other goddesses in different cultures. The way on how they are portrayed depict their respective characteristics as deities. Athena’s head is adorned with a helmet that flatters her round and lovely face. Her hair is sculpted in wavy forms. Her curls delicately frame her resilient expression. The well chiseled nose artfully contrasts with the supple shaped lips. Though the eyes appear to be hollow, they were believed to be originally inlaid. The Greek goddess of wisdom and war wears a breast plate adorned with heads of Gorgons. These beasts can turn anyone to stone when their eyes are met. Dressed in an elegant gown, she stands with most of her body parts concealed. The drapery around her body is formed with layers of cascading folds that flow until her sandal-clad feet peeking under the hem of her garment. The composure of her face denotes serenity and prudence. The way on how her nose is chiseled may be interpreted as being spirited. Athena’s helmet represents her stance on battle. As she is known to be the goddess for war, this symbol clearly exhibits strength and action. Her ornamental-like head covering may also embody wisdom. Since it materializes to be an adornment, it is similar to the laurel wreaths placed on poets and graduates as representations of praise and scholarship and is related to Athena being the deity of wisdom. This is complimented by her breast plate. Designed to protect the heart, the vulnerability of a goddess is recognized. It gives the message that even deities can be susceptible to danger. This is where the gorgons prove valuable. With their stone-piercing stare, Athena can further champion her cause. These three creatures serve as protectors and are also seen engraved in several objects and on doors. They serve as guardians against enemies. Considering that these are female dragons, the feminine aspect is supplemented. The flowing dress emphasizes ladylike attributes as well. It epitomizes regal beauty which is commonly featured in divinities. In addition, the conservative style of her apparel conveys that she is worthy of veneration among her subjects. This modesty implies the nobility of her nature and is a model for women specially those of higher ranks in Grecian times. Her dexterously fashioned feet reflect her delicate lips. These features indicate lack of pretense and the inherent quality of her being. In comparison to other works of art, Athena has similarities with the Irish goddess, Badb Catha and Indian goddess, Saraswati. Like Athena, they have been cited in several stories and ancient accounts. These deities have been revered for their audacity, grace, and sagacity. Badb Catha is often associated with crows or ravens as well as battles (Green 26). The birds signify an oracular function as well as death, rebirth, healing and light. Tales say that she can transform into ravens and predict what can happen in battles. In the image, she has wolves as guardians in her exploits. Wolves are usually seen as creatures with a high sense of loyalty and strength. These animals are also known to be intelligent that is why they aptly accompany the goddess of insight. Both Athena and Badb Catha are allied with animals for protection. As for Saraswati, she is depicted as a beautiful goddess with four ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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