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The Castle by Franz Kafka - Essay Example

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From the time Seymour Chatman wanted to analyze film in terms of narratological concepts, narratology became one of the most essential methods of film analysis, in addition to rhetoric and aesthetics…
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The Castle by Franz Kafka
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Extract of sample "The Castle by Franz Kafka"

Download file to see previous pages Franz Kafka has achieved a perfect use of narratology, rhetoric and aesthetics in his works. He represents the modernist era showing similarities with notable authors, such as Charles Dickens and Jonathan Swift. Franz Kafka was born at the time of social discord and bureaucratic leadership understood as Prague. He grew up in a city that had lost its cultural dominance because of an overwhelming bureaucracy. He lived in Wossek, a Jewish village. He started writing at a tender age of fourteen. He wrote simple plays for his sisters during their parents birthday parties (Brod 75). He began writing seriously in 1899 experimenting fiction. He began writing his first novel called The Child and the City in 1904 but was not successful because he lost his manuscripts. The second one was Description of a Struggle. The modernism period was a cultural and artistic period at that existed at the beginning of the twentieth century. This period was full of experimentation in terms of art and literature. Artists concentrated on subjective experiences and challenged audiences. Kafka’s works reflect the modernism era. His ideas and philosophy reflect the main themes of the era. The period was marked by expressionism that is seen in Kafka’s novels through the exploration of emotion and spirituality. The struggles between mind and senses and the division of humankind is clearly seen in Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Kafka used the city as the center of his world showing the labyrinthine streets as a reference to his exile from reality. The characters in his novels, such as K. in The Castle feel like strangers moving in an unknown world (Brod 76).
Franz Kafka started writing the castle in 1922 when he suffered a nervous breakdown but recuperated. This fact makes some readers to believe that his works at this moment in time reflected the works of a disturbed and unwell author. However, this might not reflect the truth of the matter because the books capture more than themes of disturbance. It is essential to mention that Kafka made an impressive use of narratology in the castle. The fragments seen in The Castle show a progression of narration in writing. Many of the entries show that he depended on inspiration and the occurrence of an idea known as Einfall, which refers to falling into the imagination of a figure, image or situation that could lead to a narrative. This means that the purpose achieved in writing would only be realized after the process has started (Fishelson and Leichter 85). One of the main editors of Kafka’s works comments on his style, Kafka never composed his stories based on existing information or plan. His manuscripts showed that Kafka developed his work without any prior knowledge as if following something to the place it leads. Because of this, most of Kafka’s works were left in fragmentary states because he had no idea of where he wanted to head. Kafka achieved his purpose through a deliberate, obstructive communication that was meant to provoke a disturbed expression on a reader. The communication in Kafka’s work, The Castle shows communication as a problem that Kafka knew. There is a deficiency in communication in the intonation acts of narration achieved by various characters in The Castle. For instance, as Kafka explains about K’s challenge, ““Dealing directly with the authorities wasn’t all that difficult, for no matter how well organized they were, they only had to defend distant and invisible causes on behalf of remote and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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