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August Wilson's Imagery of Separation in Fences - Essay Example

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In the following essay "August Wilson's Imagery of Separation in Fences" August Wilson's play “Fences” will be summarized, including analysis of the main characters and the symbolism in the play. A special attention will be paid to the picture of the separation between the characters…
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August Wilsons Imagery of Separation in Fences
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Extract of sample "August Wilson's Imagery of Separation in Fences"

Download file to see previous pages Troy is not happy and is reluctant to build the fence. His view of the fence seems to represent his relationship with his son, Cory, and his brother, Gabriel. And while Cory shares the same sentiment as his father regarding the fence, Gabriel does not have any view on it. Troy and Cory does not see eye to eye especially with the latter's interest in playing football. Troy refuses to allow his son to pursue his dream, while Cory refuses to give in to his father's inner baggage and hurt regarding life and football. Troy did not have the opportunity to play football when he was younger due to discrimination against blacks, while Cory gets the attention and interest of a good football coach because Cory is good at it. Cory tells Troy: “You just scared I'm gonna be better than you, that's all” (1.4.166). Gabriel, on the other hand, does not have views regarding the fence. Troy commits Gabriel to a mental asylum, which gets him half of Gabriel's disability check. Troy's intentions are suspicious. It is good to remember that earlier in the play, it is hinted that Gabriel's disability check is the one used to buy the house where Troy lives with his family. The fence seems to represent the reluctant and unhappy relationships Troy has with his son and brother.
Rose, on the other hand, wants so much to have the fence finished. It seems to represent her desire to “embrace” her family together and protect them from the harms of the outside world. Yet Troy responds to this emotion by cheating on her. Troy's refusal to build the fence according to his wife's wishes represents his failure to nurture their marriage. Troy cheats on Rose and gets his lover pregnant. This marks the beginning of their estrangement. Rose tells Troy: “You always talking about what you give...and what you don't have to give. But you take too. You take...and don't even know nobody's giving!” (2.1.122). their differing views on the fence represent their clashing views on their relationship as marriage partners. Instead of the fence embracing them together inside the home, it separates them. Still, Rose's steadfast love toward her family and her notion of a family in general is obvious. She tells Troy: “I'll take care of your baby for you...cause...she innocent...and you can't visit the sins of the father upon the child. A motherless child had got a hard time...” (2.3.8) The Great Migration happened when the blacks were emancipated from slavery. It is the blacks' pursuit of a better life up north. Troy went through this era, and views his past with great disappointment. Despite him having separated himself from the bondage of the miserable life of the blacks then, he seems to still be haunted by the beliefs it molded in him. Most of the conflict in Troy's relationships with the people around him comes from their opposing views in treating the past and the present. For example, Bono, Troy's best friend, pledges that he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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