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A paper "Time Will Run Back" outlines that in Hazlitt's book, a futuristic world where the communists have taken over America exists. In a nutshell, the unknown son of an anarchist and dictator, Peter Uldanov a/k/a Stalenin II, comes to power through the untimely death of his father…
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Time Will Run Back
Download file to see previous pages Throughout the book, very artistically-crafted threats of overthrow and murder are mixed into intrigue the reader. Bolshekov, known as Number Two, is slated to take over the American Republic of Wonworld in the event of Stalin I's death. Stalin II (Peter) spends nearly the entire book debating, philosophizing, calculating, and planning, with cunning, a masterful plot to turn the communist Wonwold (a/k/a post-Communist America) into a capitalist nation, only no one wants to call it capitalist. Peter is introduced to the reader as a man who has spent his entire life in another world never knowing that his father is a dictator. He meets his father, a stroke victim on the verge of impending death, and through his talks and teachings begins to discover a centrally controlled government where economic class systems have been changed to “functions.” People who do not function or who threaten Wonworld's existence and supreme order are easily and immediately “liquidated.” Part I: LOST Peter Uldanov's father, Stalin I, says, “I know all about your tutors. Everyone has a number instead of a name, but her name is Edith, he discovers. She lives in a concentrated apartment-like camp arrangement with shared living quarters. Six or seven others live there, including her father, a partially disabled man. In these compartments, there is no such thing as privacy or private bathrooms, another sad state of affairs of communistic living, the writer implies. Says Edith, “It would be a pretty state of affairs...if everybody was allowed to read the books kept over from the old poisoned capitalist civilization. Putting all sorts of subversive notions into people's heads! Only a small trained class can be allowed to read those books. Edith is a representation of the training that works units who have numbers but no names have been prepared for all of their lives. They are die-cut stamps who produce, have no lives of their own, and no real reason to do more than barely survive. It is a form of slavery, except that it comes with pay in the form of ration tickets. The tickets are based on the functions, which is similar to classes, but the communist system is in denial that the functions and classes of people are the same things. Edith tells the reader that the education systems are made only for those “good enough” to have access to them, everyone else just needs to work and produce. The following chapters of this section depict Wonworld as “lost” because the entire social caste system is now a system of labels, numbers, and functions. No one uses their real names, they have limited freedoms, and they are never free to live the way they see fit instead of the way the government, or the state, fits them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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“Time Will Run Back Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/literature/1424444-time-will-run-back-essay-assignment.
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