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Runaway by Alice Munro - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay “Runaway by Alice Munro” aims to analyze the story by Munro, which was initially expected to foretell an incident of an escape by one of the defining characters. Narrated initially from the point of view of a third person…
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Runaway by Alice Munro
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Extract of sample "Runaway by Alice Munro"

Download file to see previous pages Personally, the story was captivating. Once I started reading, I wanted to find out how the story would evolve and how it would end. I liked it in a way that there is a unique way that Munro creatively puts unexpected details that entice the readers to continue reading. Consistent with Bruner’s feature of narrative diachronicity, the time by which events occurred were well structured and clear. The story started with Mrs. Jamieson’s arrival from a trip from Greece and the plot unfolded with events from their mobile home to going to Mrs. Jamieson’s house, prior to the runaway.
Likewise, the feature of particularity, or the ability of the story to take reference to particular events was likewise manifested from narrating a rainy summer, the unrepaired roof, looking for Flora, cleaning up Sylvia’s house after her husband’s death, the conversation with Sylvia when Carla decided to runaway, and her return to Clark presented vivid illustrations of particularities.
Did it stir any emotions in you?
 Munro was effective in stirring different emotions as readers are immersed in the story: anticipation, confusion, empathy, fear, anxiety, among others. There was anticipation to know what happened to Flora; empathy in terms of feeling the despair and hopelessness of a wife’s travails under the conditions Carla was in; anxiety as Carla was on the bus to Toronto with mixed feelings of confusion while she was reflecting on her future and the past with Clark....
Did it stir any emotions in you? Munro was effective in stirring different emotions as readers are immersed in the story: anticipation, confusion, empathy, fear, anxiety, among others. There was anticipation to know what happened to Flora; empathy in terms of feeling the despair and hopelessness of a wife’s travails under the conditions Carla was in; anxiety as Carla was on the bus to Toronto with mixed feelings of confusion while she was reflecting on her future and the past with Clark; fear for Sylvia’s life when Clark confronted her in the middle of the night. Bruner’s feature of intentional state entailment indicates “narratives are about people acting in the setting, and the happenings that befall them must be relevant to their intentional states while so engaged – to their beliefs, desires, theories, values, and so on” (Bruner, 7). In Munro’s story, the feature is strongly manifested in the outcome of Carla’s runaway. Despite her intentions to escape from Clark out of despair and the perception of living a new life, her decision to return was based on her value and beliefs that she already left everything behind before for Clark and her life already revolve around him. She actually sees no future without him. Although not clearly and explicitly narrated that way, readers are left to interpret the meaning of Carla’s actions from the incidents in the story. Did you picture the setting and the characters in your head? The setting and characters, as vividly told, are envisioned by the readers due to the clarity by which the setting was illustrated and the way the characterization was depicted. The words were selected in such as way that they are not too ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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