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Capital Punishment - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper by Brettschneider focuses on the nature of punishment, not as it relates to the offender, but how it relates to the public. Much of the rhetoric on punishment focuses on the offender, putting his or her experience at the center of the debate. …
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Capital Punishment
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Extract of sample "Capital Punishment"

Download file to see previous pages Brettschneider states that “I argue that the liberal principle of legitimacy implicitly requires states to respect the basic political rights of those who are guilty of committing crimes, thus prohibiting capital punishment” (175). Cunningham, Mark Douglas ad Jon R. Sorensen. Capital Offenders in Texas Prisons: Rates, Correlates, and an Actuarial Analysis of Violent Misconduct. Law and Human Behavior. 31.6 (December 2007): 553-571. Print.
The nature of capital offenders in Texas prisoners and the results of their activities are examined within this paper. The violent tendencies that exist within the prison systems is refocused on the violence that is committed by capital offenders. One of the limitations of the study is that violence in general is more prevalent in early time periods of incarceration, therefore suggesting that since some offenders have limited time periods of incarceration before the death sentence is carried out, this can cause some problems in the data. Regardless, the study shows that violence of capital offenders in Texas prison systems is high and has relationships to age and type of offense. The data is not conclusive, but does have some insight into the nature of offenders who are sentenced on capital crimes.
Geraghty, Thomas F. Review: Trying to Understand America’s Death Penalty System and Why We Still Have it. The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. 94.1 (Autumn 2003): 175-199. This paper reviews three books that discuss the death penalty from various points of view. The opinions are weighed against one another and considered for their validity. The books reviewed are as follows: Franklin Zimring, in The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment, The collected essays in Beyond Repair? America's Death Penalty and Professor Joan Jacobs Brumberg's Kansas Charley: The Story of a 19th Century Boy Murderer. Through looking at the topic through three different concepts of moral and ethical review, the author of the paper comes to the conclusion that the opinions about the topic are based upon the locus of the nature of the opinion. However, one of the conclusions that is drawn is that whichever side the book supports, it does not seem to recognize much in the validity of the opposing opinion. This unfortunate circumstance suggests that a balanced debate is not found in any of the books. Hessing, Dick J., Jan W. de Keijser, and Henk Effers. Explaining Capital Punishment Support in an Abolitionist Country: The Case of the Netherlands. Law and Human Behavior. 27.6 (December 2003): 605-622. Print. Through looking at those who support capital punishment in a country that has a history of being against the death penalty, the support that has been seen in the United States for the death penalty can be seen from a new perspective. Even in a country that has no death penalty and is steeped in abolitionist rhetoric about the issue, 35% of the population is in support of capital punishment. Through hierarchal logistic regression analysis, attitudes about the death penalty are evaluated for the perspective of participants. The authors discover that it is the young and the poor that are most in support ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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