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The Suffering of Prometheus and Encounters with Zeus - Essay Example

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The goal of this essay is to summarize the stories of Prometheus in Ancient Greek mythology. From the discussion, it can be affirmed that the punishment inflicted upon the former is driven by animosity, based on account of all the encounters between Prometheus and Zeus…
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The Suffering of Prometheus and Encounters with Zeus
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Extract of sample "The Suffering of Prometheus and Encounters with Zeus"

Download file to see previous pages Righteousness or Malevolence As mentioned earlier Prometheus is the creator of the human race. It is no surprise that he loves his creation, and is willing to do anything at all cost for its welfare. He stole fire from the temple of Zeus and gave it to men, despite awareness that the supreme god will be infuriated. This is stated by Kratos during his conversation with Prometheus in Mount Caucasus in Scythia. For thine own blossom of all forging fire He stole and gave to mortals; trespass grave For which the Gods have called him to account, That he may learn to bear Zeus' tyranny And cease to play the lover of mankind. The gods, by their inherent wisdom and somehow limitless wealth, can have all the convenience life has to offer. Men, on the contrary, are vulnerable and depend on the gods’ graces for the attainment of their needs and desires. Unfortunately, the gods are not adequately generous, thus men are left without a choice but to struggle for existence. This bitter plight of man is what instigated Prometheus to do an act of malevolence upon Zeus. It can be presumed as a display of genuine love that men are unable to find in the other gods. Should this be the sole basis of whether or not Prometheus is innocent, then there is no need for a ruling and the latter is vindicated. Zeus is an arrogant god, being the most powerful and chief of the Olympians. The fact that he was outwitted by a lesser kind is an insult too grave to bear on his part. Prometheus is not oblivious of this nature of Zeus, yet it didn’t cease him from making transgressions in favor of men. Fire no longer belongs to men, and taking it without a blessing from the present holder is theft. The cause does not justify the means, and for this reason, it can be agreed that Prometheus is indeed guilty as charged. 3. The Suffering of Prometheus As punishment for his crime, Prometheus was sent to severely suffer to a mountain in Scythia for thirty thousand years. The fire thief was bound in an iron chain while an eagle delivered by Zeus ate his liver out during the day. The liver or some say the heart, constantly grows back at night to be feasted on again by the wicked bird. This is declared by Hermes in the passage below. The hound of Zeus, the tawny eagle, Shall violently fall upon thy flesh And rend it as 'twere rags; and every day And all day long shall thine unbidden guest Sit at thy table, feasting on thy liver Till he hath gnawn it black. At some point, it can be assessed that the crime Prometheus committed is of little gravity. The punishment appears to be exceedingly agonizing in comparison with it. If pride is not to be taken into consideration, the damage could have been lifted by turning in what has been stolen, and perhaps imposing a sentence of momentary pain—instead of thirty thousand years of torture. Yet, the gods of Olympus are not forbearing, and one cannot expect a due process of law when their self-esteem is on the line. This is not merely an issue of fire theft, though. Hermes appeared before Prometheus and told him of a prophecy that Zeus would impregnate a certain woman, and the child would take the throne from his father.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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