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Three Poems of Langston Hughes - Essay Example

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In the poem “April Rain Song,” Hughes shows deep is his love about nature, the appreciation to the peacefulness it could bring to the emotions, and the freedom of touching the rain…
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Three Poems of Langston Hughes
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Extract of sample "Three Poems of Langston Hughes"

Download file to see previous pages The writer wants the reader to feel how it is like to feel the rain, see the beauty transparent raindrops as it falls, imagine how amazing the rain, and wonder in it as a part of the creation. The writer is trying to convey each of the reader the beauty of experiencing the rain, the strong emotion of the delightful feelings and most probably the freedom of feeling and touching the rain. The sounds of the rain are very significant to the writer most probably because this gives him peacefulness and calmness to see and hear the rain falls. It is reasonable to say that the writer is a nature lover. His love for nature serves him as a vehicle in releasing his pain, anger, and sadness in life. The writer is trying to share and to tell the reader that the rain is very free, that it could go to stagnant and running pools along the sidewalks and in many places. According to the writer, the rain also gives a humming sound in the roof especially during the night. The last paragraph shows how the writer loves so much the rain. In the poem “Cross,” Hughes wants to convey to the readers the pain and agony of not having a clear identity and being a social outcast. The poem “cross” is a poem about racism. The speaker of the poem is trying to picture and to share the readers his life and emotions about his personality and experiences. The speaker must have been a slave at a certain period of his time, lived in agony and in search for identity. Writer’s parents are on the both ends of the race, a black American mother and white American father. He is in the middle of the two main characters involved in racial discrimination. Being a product of two discriminating race, the writer is in deep confusion about his feelings regarding where to stand between the two contracting opponents. The writer also shares the agony of having a feeling of being alone in his status. Anger of the writer is clearly shown or manifested in this poem because of the reason that his parents puts him on a tough position having two very different genes that made hi a bi-racial person and during that time racial discrimination among the white and the black is very strong. Three races are concern during his time, the white American that for sure will not claim him as one of them because of his color, the black American that has also a different color compared to him and lastly is the African American, the closest skin color to him but considered as an enemy of the Americans during that time. These things put him on a very tough position at that time. The poem starts sounding anger with his parents because of the thought that they are the one responsible making him in oddity but the end of the poem shows an apologetic reaction or thought toward his parents and the reader could say that this is the reflection of the writer that in spite of the burden and agony that the writer went through, the parents are still able to bring him up with good values in life. In the poem “Bad Morning,” Hughes would like to share to the readers the traumatic feelings he has every morning being a bi-racial. In the poem “Bad Morning, the writer want to share the feeling of depression and frustration every morning upon waking up. The writer is trying to compare himself each morning to the mismatched shoes. It is relevant to say that the writer is in deep frustration waking up every morning being a bi-racial. The writer might also be thinking and worrying the whole day ahead of him everyday. Many factors fear him in facing his everyday life. He would always be waking up to face the world of alienations from his fellow African Americans, be discriminated by the white Americans. His identity is not stable and he feels like no body wanted him in the environment and in the world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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