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Janie from Their Eyes are Watching God, Esperanza from The House on Mango Street and Lou Ann from The Bean Trees - Essay Example

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For many years, the society lived in a patriarchal perspective, wherein women are subordinate from men and they should submit to their husbands in marriage. As the society evolves because of the many changes in political and economical events, this perspective has slowly waned. …
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Janie from Their Eyes are Watching God, Esperanza from The House on Mango Street and Lou Ann from The Bean Trees
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Extract of sample "Janie from Their Eyes are Watching God, Esperanza from The House on Mango Street and Lou Ann from The Bean Trees"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas before, wives stay at home and handle the internal family affairs such as running the household and taking care of the kids, now, wives have more freedom venturing to the outside world to pursue their own careers and to share the financial responsibilities of the husbands. This development came primarily from the perspective that women are also capable of handling the situations and the issues dealt by men. Women also have the desire for independence, freedom and domination much the same as men. This is clearly shown in the three characters that will be discussed further below. The most important factor in the changes that women undergo is their environment and the situation they are placed in. Their social environment makes them realize that they should change to survive. Ironically, it is the same environment that condemns the pursuance of their independence.
Clear examples of the realization of women are Janie from Their Eyes are Watching God, Esperanza from The House on Mango Street and Lou Ann from The Bean Trees. At first the three women are described as weak and submissive. As a child, Janie thought of men as her way out of the difficult life that she has. This has been developed through the insistence of her Nanny that she needs to marry a certain kind of man to live a better life. Janie believed, then, that marriage will give her the independence and freedom that she wants against the tied down life that she has. ...
She knew that she is uncomfortable with a lot of things but she remains passive as she didn’t like confrontations. As presented above, the social environment of the character plays a big part in their personal realization of their search for freedom and independence. Primarily, though, it is the same social environment that created the submissive persona they were at the beginning of their stories. With Janie, it is her Nanny’s life that showed her that life is cruel and ties her down because of discrimination and poverty. She has met the same discrimination with her neighborhood when she ran off with another man ending her first marriage. With her second husband, her social environment propelled by her husband declared that she is ‘just’ a woman and that her husband should be center of their lives. When her husband died and she began dating a much younger suitor, her social environment berated her because her actions were inappropriate as what was deemed by her previous husband. Janie’s dream to become free is muddled by the different inhibitions set by her social environment. With Esperanza, her social environment is the source of her knowledge of how poverty and sexual pervasiveness can limit women’s freedom to merely playing with men’s desires and attention. Lou Ann, on the other hand, was scared of the fact that the society might criticize her if she goes out of the box of being a traditional woman. Their social environment taught the three women that they are mere women, with no way to become independent and self-sufficient except for the help of men. This damaged their self-images in different ways. Janie submitted to her first and second husband by staying with them and following their commands and wishes as it was her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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