Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Movie Review Example

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Introduction Many literary critics consider Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as one of the most impressive and imaginative Gothic horror novels of all times. In the novel, Shelley managed to create one of the most phenomenal creatures in literary history: Frankenstein monster…
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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein
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"Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"

Download file to see previous pages After achieving excelling academically, he designs a technique of creating life from a fusion of inanimate objects, dead bodies an animal parts. The doctor is not satisfied with achieving conventional feats but is determined to create a living being. It is this ambition that leads to the creation after years of painstaking work. It is this creation that leads to Victor's downfall. The creation is 8 feat tall and due to the use of human parts that do not march his massive size, is hideous. He is described as having watery yellow eyes, a withered, yellowish, translucent skin which barely conceals his muscular system and blood vessels. The only good aspects of his appearance are his perfect, white teeth, long black hair and his black lips. The doctor, who had hoped to create a beautiful being is shocked by his creation and flees the room immediately after realising how his creation looks. This initial rejection greatly saddens the creature who has superior intellect and he disappears. The experience makes Dr. Frankenstein ill and he is nursed to health by Henry Cleval, a childhood friend. After recovery, Victor returns home only to find his brother William murdered and the creature near the scene of crime. He is convinced that he is the killer but has no way of proving the same and as a result William's Nanny is convicted and hanged for the crime. Self- reproach makes the grief-stricken Victor retreat into the mountains where he hopes to find peace. However, in the mountains, the creature approaches him and ignores his threats and cajoles. He requests Dr. Frankeinsten to listen to his side of the story. The Creature eloquently narrates to his creator his own encounters with people, after they parted ways. He tells how he feared them and opted to spend a year living in a hideout near a cottage where he was able to observe the DeLacey family who lived there and grew fond of them. Through observation the creature educated himself and became self-conscious. He found a lost books and taught himself how to read. On seeing his appearance in a pool of water, he realized how ugly he was compared to the human beings he was watching. At last he gained courage and approached the family attempting to establish a friendship with them but afraid of his hideous looks, they chased him away before leaving the residence permanently. In a fit of rage, the monster set the cottage ablaze and left. Later, the creature was shot and wounded by a man after seeing him with a young girl who he had just rescued from drowning in his arms. After the incident, the monster met a young boy who turned out to be William, Victor's brother hoping to establish a friendship, counting on the boy's age not to fear his deformity. However, William cried out on seeing his approach and threatened him with his family name :the Frankensteins. The creature then grabbed William by the throat attempting to silence him,but ended up strangling him. He considered this as his first act of revenge against Doctor Frankenstein. He then framed William's nanny for the murder. The monster demands that Doctor Frankenstein create female companion for him who looks like himself. He articulates his right to happiness. He promises William that should he honor his request, he and his newly created mate will go to South America to live in the wilderness in the areas uninhabited by man and would never appear again. Frankenstein ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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