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After-life phenomenon. 'Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats and Ocean Mirage at Deng-Zhou written by Jong Yong Kim - Essay Example

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Different people have various beliefs in regards to life after death. Various religions have described the after-life as a paradise. Many people believe that life on earth is a journey that takes the human being through temptations and hardship. …
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After-life phenomenon. Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats and Ocean Mirage at Deng-Zhou written by Jong Yong Kim
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Extract of sample "After-life phenomenon. 'Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats and Ocean Mirage at Deng-Zhou written by Jong Yong Kim"

Download file to see previous pages They believe in the judgement of a human being after death. The consequences of living is judged by a supernatural being, where, if the person in question led a good life, paradise is his or her destination and if the person led a life full of actions against their religious belief, he or she is condemned to external suffering.
Many artists have displayed their work on the after-life topic. Paintings, songs poetry and images have and will continue to be created, describing this unknown phenomenon. This paper will focus on two poems, describing the after-life and compare the ideas found on both. The first poem is, ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ by William Butler Yeats, the second, ‘Ocean Mirage at Deng-Zhou’ written by Jong Yong Kim. The two poets came from different continents. They share the idea of an after-life phenomenon but they have different opinions on the description.
The student will compare how the two poets treated the theme of after-life differently and yet wrote these two great poems. The student will focus on the various styles used by the two poets and came up with an analysis of the ideas, the poets, shared and the ideas the two differed on. The student will also look at the various poetic techniques used by the poets.
Stylistic devices used in the poems For many years, poets have used many stylistic devices in writing their poems, regardless of the geographical location of the poet or the poets theme. In cases where two poems are contrary to each other, chances that the same stylistic devices used are very high. The devices are techniques used by the poets to help the reader understand, virtualise or interpret the poets’ theme of discussion. Stylistic devises are also used to intensify the poem making it have an emotional effect or have a logical emphasis. Although these two poems Sailing to Byzantium and The Ocean Mirage Deng-Zhou, were written by different poets at different times and from different geographical locations, the poems have same similar stylistic devices. The poems are talking about the personas’ journey to place they describe as place of discovery. The two poems are talking about wait the persona gets after dying. In Sailing to Byzantium, the old man, who is the persona, explains about his journey to the city of Byzantium while the persona in The Ocean Mirage at Deng-Zhou, goes to see the mirage famously told by old men. The stylistic devises used in the poems are: verses, the speaker, imagery, personification, tone and metaphors. Verses Verses are the basic structure of most poems if not all. A poem may have verses ranging from one verse to more than a hundred verses. In the two poems, the poet used verses for the smooth transition of the experience that each persona went through in their respective poem. The poem sailing to Byzantium has four verses. Each verse follows the other from the first one to the fourth one. The information in each verse is because of the previous verse. The transition of the old mans’ journey, from the country hated by old people to his nature less form while in Byzantium. The Ocean Mirage Deng-Zhou has twelve verses. Just like the other poem, the verses continue with the narration of the poem according to the actions and explanation of the previous verses. Speaker The speaker is the feeling, felt by the reader, as if the poem is being narrated to him or her. Poems using the speaker, as a form of stylistic device, have a narrative effect on the recipient of the poem. This affects the readers emotionally because the poem appears as if the person in the poem is telling it. It helps the reader connect with the episodes or the logic that the poet tries to pass along. In Sailing to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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