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Name Institution Course Instructor Date King Leopold’s Ghost Adam Hochschild published the book ‘King Leopord’s ghost in 1998, retelling a story that the world knows. However, he narrates the story from a new perspective. In this new perspective, he highlights king Leopold’s legacy by revisiting the world’s history in order to gain a better understanding of the happenings of the 1980s…
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King Leopolds Ghost
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Download file to see previous pages Overview Hochschild tells the story from an international perspective. He builds a connection between the activities happening in three continents during that time. Europeans from Belgium and other countries intended were making advances of exploring other continents. There had been a strong wave of civilization in the European sphere. In addition, an industrial revolution had taken place in Europe and most of the countries were making advances in economical development. Moreover, Christianity had spread to dominate the entire Europe. On the other hand, Africa was a vast land of undiscovered land. Europeans had the zeal to discover what lay in other continents. On realizing that the African continent existed without any form of civilization, they intended to spread the wave of civilization to the new regions (Hachschild 12). Most of the Europeans considered Africa as a land where they could exert influence to make something out of the emptiness that existed. Others intended to spread Christianity in these new regions. After the industrial revolution in Europe, capitalism had taken its roots in the majority of European countries. Merchants were zealously seeking new business avenues with the drive to amass wealth for their mother countries. The map in the initial pages of the book depicts the European perception of Africa. In this map, Congo was an unoccupied that the Europeans could exploit. In addition, the novel introduces the gap that existed between Africa and the entire world. The Europeans believed in numerous tales of the medieval era that said scary things about life in Africa. The construction of sailing vessels by the Portuguese opened up an avenue to explore the unknown continent (Hachschild 17). Moreover, the Europeans wanted to establish the source of the Nile River. The first chapter of the book opens the reader of the realities of 1897, towards the end of the 19th century. The author introduces the reader to Morel, who was working in a ship company. Over time, Morel observed that they ferried raw materials from African countries and specifically the Congo Free State. It was surprising for him to realize that the Europeans brought nothing to Congo despite the numerous goods emanating fro m Congo to Europe. Through this observation n, he woke up to the reality that there was virtually no trade between the Europeans and Congo. The deal was one-sided. Morel reasoned that production of such was impossible without the availability of cheap labor. He realized that the only explanation for what was happening was the application of slave labor in Congo. In addition, the author introduces the reader to Leopold who apparently was in control of Congo. From the onset, the author highlighted that Leopold was the only European exercising control in the Congo region. However, the author revealed that European world knew a different version of Leopold’s intention and activities in Congo. Leopold had led everyone into believing that he was in Congo for humanitarian courses. He received appraisal from Europe for being a man who devoted his time and resources in promoting development in Congo. He allowed missionaries into the Congo Free State as strategy to keep his true intentions under cover. However, many other individuals had noticed the oppression Leopold was causing in Congo and tried ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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King Leopold'S Ghost Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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