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The Writers of the Beat Generation and their Role in Rebellion and Reflection - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to look at the revolutionary nature of the Beat Generation, particularly the writers from this period in American history. In addition, the paper will consider the ways that the writers spurred on rebellion within their environment…
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The Writers of the Beat Generation and their Role in Rebellion and Reflection
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Extract of sample "The Writers of the Beat Generation and their Role in Rebellion and Reflection"

Download file to see previous pages The beat generation writers were not writing academically because they attacked both the traditional academic writing style and the exponent professors. Their style of writing was rather more emotional than academic. They brought academic writings to the street through their writings. The literary works reflected their own lifestyle which they wished could be imposed on society. Unfortunately, their writings were accepted with rejection.
They expressed their beliefs and lifestyle in the weirdest manner which made them gain notoriety in the eyes of many. Their belief expression was rooting in sexual liberation, which was manifested in homosexuality and lesbianism, an insatiable quest for
hedonism and pleasure, drug addiction, religious mysticism, free thinking, and a special likeness for the jazz music. Example, Allen Ginsberg who was the first to start the Beat Generation literature was a homosexual. He, alongside others, was arrested and taken to the mental clinic for psychological. This is on account of their writings and opinions that are considered to be against the popular opinion. Commenting on the unpopularity of Beat Generation writers, Shruti Chandra Gupta  quoted Alvarez in one of his works where he attacked Allen Ginsberg, thus;
Allen turned a small group into a very vibrant follower with a
common ideology. Rather than use their writing talent to fight
against the ills of the society, they turned their literary talent against society by promoting their dirty lifestyle
The above citation captioned succinctly the vehement opposition that greeted the beach generation writers. This is indeed the opinion of the general public concerning the unpopular social movement. It is no doubt that the people actually accepted the fact that the Beach Generation writers were intelligent, but their intelligence was considered to be instrumental to the opposition of social facts. As Alvarez pointed out, ‘… instead of using their art to redeem what they had made of their lives, the beats served the mess uncooked and called it poetry’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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