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One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros; Walimai by Isabel Allende; The Handsomest Drowned Man In the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others - Essay Example

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The intentions of this study are short stories and the researcher’s analysis of them. The author of the study will present brief report on each story, what the story starts with, what the main point of each story and what peculiarities the authors of the stories have used…
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One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros; Walimai by Isabel Allende; The Handsomest Drowned Man In the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others
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"One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros; Walimai by Isabel Allende; The Handsomest Drowned Man In the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses upon several short stories. One of them is “One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros. It is a rite of passage story, which establishes that the sexuality and desires of a woman are irrelevant and impossible especially when confronted with the deceitful male sex. Sandra Cisneros tackles this idea through her striking first-person narrative and characterization. As a rite of passage story, One Holy Night follows Ixchel’s transition period between puberty to adolescence and to womanhood. The story starts with Ixchel’s recollection of her experiences with Chaq. She met her when she was just a teenager selling cucumbers and mangoes with her aunt. Chaq used to buy her foods and drinks, and through this, he deceived Ixchel into thinking that he is a good man. Chaq made Ixchel believe that he is from the line of Mayan kings, and Ixchel, allured by Chaq’s promises and lies, went on to trust him as she believed that their affair is true and ideal. Although Ixchel knows in the first place Chaq does not appear as special as the way he described himself, she still went with him because she was blinded by her ideals of love and relationships. However, as Chaq only tricked her into having sex, he left her pregnant and alone. Pondering on her situation, Ixchel wondered if how many girls had experienced the same feeling that she felt, how many girls have gone the wrong way because of a man’s lies. At the onset of the story, Ixchel, the main character, narrates her sad sexual and emotional experience with Chaq in a regretful and blaming manner. Additionally, the point of view of the story gives more focus on Ixchel’s feelings toward sexuality and relationship with men. Cisneros’ first-person narrative allows the reader to understand and evaluate Ixchel’s character. Ixchel is a trusting and innocent girl who is very much opposite to Chaq, a deceitful murderer. Additionally, Ixchel is very idealistic about relationships in a way that she fantasizes Chaq as his hero and king. For instance, Ixchel wants an ideal male-female relationship. Ixchel, as a woman, wants trust, gentleness, loyalty, and truth in a relationship. Contrastingly, Chaq views the female sex as a pastime and deceiving them is an opportunity to display his ego and sexual superiority. Chaq, seeing Ixchel’s youthful innocence, uses his deceitful abilities to trap her into a sexual nightmare that would haunt Ixchel for the rest of her life. Additionally, Chaq signifies the archetypal male, who is fed up by the idea that men are the superior sex. Chaq’s character also establishes the male erotic aggression against women, which, as the story shows, results to teenage pregnancy. As the story progresses, the results of Chaq’s erotic aggression bring Ixchel to realize that men are not always what they seem, and what they say about themselves are not always true. In fact, the lies that men tell can trap a woman into a nightmare that she can never bring herself out. This idea consumes Ixchel in a way that her idealistic desires fade into nothing, and she was confronted by the truth that the female sexuality is not a big deal for men at all. Additionally, the male erotic aggression against women brings out cultural and social issues in a way that it causes domestic violence and sexual abuse. When reading that story in the cultural and social context, the reader will be able to see that there are only three stereotypes of a woman: virgin, mother, and whore. This concept makes a woman’s rite of passage difficult as she must be careful should she fall on the third stereotype. In this sense, it can be said that the female sexuality exists only in relation to its male counterpart. The woman, as a virgin, seeks only to copy the attitude of the Holy Mother of Jesus, who is the male counterpart. As a mother, a woman is her husband’s subordinate while as a whore, a woman serves as an instrument to satisfy the sexual urge of men in exchange for money. As Ixchel suffers the bitter outcomes of a failed promise, she also realizes that a woman should be strong enough to face her troubles in life. Lastly, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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