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What the Characters Want - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In all stories, be it in novels, movies, books and articles, there is always a driving force behind the plot structure; the motive. This determines the plots, events and subplots of the story. It is what the characters want, do not want or needs…
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What the Characters Want
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Extract of sample "What the Characters Want"

Download file to see previous pages In all stories, be it in novels, movies, books and articles, there is always a driving force behind the plot structure; the motive. This determines the plots, events and subplots of the story. It is what the characters want, do not want or needs. So what do the characters want? A general answer to this question is; identity. All the characters from the books and the two movies are after one thing; identity, though achieved in different ways. Each character shows his or her motive(s) differently based on different situations they are in and their different stories, but the main issue is identity. Consider Cheng Cheng for example, he is determined to be the class monitor and this motive determines his actions in achieving his aims. He seeks support from the parents, incites his classmates against the other candidates and ensures he is the only want whose presentation is accepted by all the children. Why did he do all these? What does he want? He wants to control others. He wants to be distinct from others and be seen as the best. He wants to be their leader. It could also be distinctiveness considering the similarity in their motives. Abdulraham defies orders just to be different and be seen as a hero, in the book “This is Our Youth”, the title says it all; it is their youth. It means they want to be distinct from other youths (previous generations). Conway wants supremacy, he has to be different from others and show them the way, and Gabby and Allissa; dress distinctively. All that the characters want is discussed below. From the book "Zeitoun" by Dave Eggers, Abdulraham is portrayed as trying to be a hero, but he is not. He wants to be a hero so passionately or believes he is one. He goes on to defy government orders to vacate hurricane Katrina stricken area, and decides to stay and let his family go without him. His story is linked to that of Jonah from the bible, indicating that he could be some kind of hero summoned by God to remain and fight the hurricane. Abdulraham goes further to show his distinctiveness from others by feeding stray dogs and saving trapped old women. He wants to be distinctive. There is a film titled “My name is Khan”. In this film, Khan is a man with autism, but is able to do things that the normal people would not do. He was able to change people’s minds about Asians and Arabs being terrorists. Just after the September eleven, all Arabs and Asians were perceived to be terrorists. Very few people stood up to fight for their rights, but Khan was determined to tell the United State’s president, that he is not a terrorist. This story matches what Joseph Campbell describes as a hero and while Zeitoun’s story shows Abdulraham trying to be one. Conway wants supremacy; he wants to be the right one to have found a solution to human problems. Human problem according to his perception is the modern life that people live today. He wants to be the cherished as the leader who brought back good to humanity. He is similar to Zeitoun who remains and waits for the hurricanes instead of evacuating like the others. He also decides on his own, to go and live in the mountains by himself. He then comes back and tries to persuade others to live like him; to be like him; to go back to their natural life. To him, the life that everybody lives (modern life) is not the one people should have. People deserve better, and it is him with the better solution; which is going back to the mountains. Gabby and Allissa like fashion. Gabby says she dresses fashionably to pass a message to others about who she is. The dresses she wears say all she is. The two 16 year olds talk about some of the students spending too much money just to show off. This is a clear indication that they would not want to be identified in the class of people who show off. They define who they are to the society. In “This is Our Youth”, Warren is depicted with a lot of problems; he cannot stay with his father because of drug issues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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