Relationship between the United States and Mexico. The Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspar de Alba - Essay Example

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Relationship between the United States and Mexico. The border between the United States and Mexico not only demarcates two countries, but also differentiates between two cultures, two societies, one overdeveloped, and the other typically developing…
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Relationship between the United States and Mexico. The Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspar de Alba
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"Relationship between the United States and Mexico. The Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspar de Alba"

Download file to see previous pages She is a lesbian and lives with her American lover, Brigit, a white woman. When the couple decides to have children, Ivon contacts her cousin Ximena, a social worker (Alba 18-20). Ximena finds women who cannot afford to raise children and acts as a middleman between them and foster parents. In the United States there are many legal formalities required for a gay couple to adopt a child, but Brigit and Ivon find adoption in Mexico easier. Ximena finds a pregnant woman named Cecilia who is willing to give up the custody of her child after birth and thus it gives Ivon an opportunity to adopt a baby (Alba 2005). The difference between the two cultures becomes more evident to Ivon when she returns to her homeland to adopt a baby. In Mexico, the majority of people are very religious and shun gay people, despite the existence of gay Mexicans. Because of their religion and unbringing, many Mexicans are disturbed with the concept of homosexuals, and many resent the idea of giving up their children to homosexuals. Ivon is warned not to disclose her sexuality to the people that they are seeking to adopt from, otherwise they will not let her adopt their children. She also realizes that in Mexico, one can get everything for the right price, without any legal obligations (Alba 2005). There are gay bars in El Paso that Ivon loves going to but she does not like the fact that people have to come up with pretexts to go to such bars. They usually proclaim that they are going for ‘dancing’ at the gay bar because they cannot risk society’s abhorrence towards their kind. Ivon finds this a striking difference between the United States and Mexico in that even her own mother took time to reconcile herself with the fact that Ivon is gay. Her mother is scared of the American culture and mistakenly believes that it had a lot of influence on Ivon’s sexual orientation. The misery, torture and brutality that women are subjected to, particularly those of Mexican descent, near the US-Mexico border forms the most important part of the novel’s plot. Ivon finds about the Juarez killings while aboard the plane, which are a prevalent theme in the book, and an example of the violence that is occurring along the border, when she reads an article in a magazine. At first she is shocked to hear the news but when people she knows fall prey to such acts she is emotionally distraught and desperately tries to find her own sister who went missing after spending an evening in Juarez. Ivon is slightly embarrassed to be the one of the last of Mexican descent who finds out about theses killing (Alba 2005). Ivon and her lover make a deal with a pregnant girl named Cecilia in Mexico that they will adopt her baby. When Ivon flies in to Mexico (because Cecilia is nearing her delivery) she discovers after sometime that Cecilia has been murdered and the baby killed with her too. Ivon is disappointed because it is her baby that got killed and out of rage she decides to find Cecilia’s murderers and discovers considerable corruption within border control officers as well as widespread prejudice throughout Mexican society. When Ivon sees Cecilia’s autopsy, in particular she cannot take the scene of her mutilated body being examined and faints on the spot because of the loss of the baby and an innocent poor woman. Women’s murders go uninvestigated and police and other authorities either hide such casualties or come up with false stories like the girls ran with their boyfriends. There is evidence that on many occasions, girls are kidnapped by workers of pornographic sites to make pornography. Ivon finds that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Relationship Between the United States and Mexico. The Desert Blood by Essay)
“Relationship Between the United States and Mexico. The Desert Blood by Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/literature/1393300-relationship-between-the-united-states-and-mexico-the-desert-blood-by-alicia-gaspar-de-alba.
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