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The setting of Shakespeare's Othello - Moor of Venice - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Task Date Introduction The setting of Shakespeare’s Othello, Moor of Venice is in northern Italy and Eastern Mediterranean. Venice is such an interesting place since it is among world’s most popular sea powers hence a commercial hub with a stiff economic competition…
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The setting of Shakespeares Othello - Moor of Venice
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"The setting of Shakespeare's Othello - Moor of Venice"

Download file to see previous pages The main practices at that time were cultural based on the lifestyle of the people at that period of monarch rule. Various upcoming poets wrote on different allegories and compositions on English in various aspects (Thomas Woodman, Thomas 4). In essence, English renaissance grew and became more popular as more poets and philosophers put their work in publications. Primarily, Shakespeare has credit to the foundation of the English renaissance. Although his style and sequence of writing is attributed to his predecessors, most of Shakespeare’s’ significant pieces of literature reflect perfection distinguishable from the rest of the poets during the renaissance period. It is believed must have attained good education in the Stratford Grammar school. In fact, Shakespeare is thought to have begun writing in the mid 1590s. During this period, Shakespeare was in London writing mainly for public theatres. Racial prejudice prevails in Othello, Moor of Venice with Othello being the main protagonist. “Prejudice is usually a negative prejudgment of about a person or a group.” ( In psychology, the tem prejudice is simply used to express opinion but includes an attitude such as scorn or hatred. “For instance Osama Bin Laden was prejudiced towards non-Muslims American and he had so much hatred that he would like to see them die” ( ...
Othello was highly regarded by the Venetians who deemed him a military hero. Lago, one of Othello’s junior has a great inspiration to rise and become prominent in the ranks. However, Othello does not promote to the position of lieutenant; instead he picks Florentine Michael Cassio to be lieutenant ( This makes Lago so bitter that he starts scheming on how to revenge Othello, the Moor of Venice for promoting to the position of lieutenant instead of him. Firstly, Lago approaches Roderigo on a Venetian street tells him that Cassio lacks experience in battle and soldierly activities. He praises himself claiming to be much better than Cassio by far. He alludes to his military prowess in battles against Christians at Cyprus and Rhodes. In additional, Lago accuses Othello, the Moor of Venice of advancing his men because of their political as well as, personal connection, not their merit on military skills ( Lago’s scheme against Othello, the Moor of Venice is to not only revenge but also achieve his quest to do evil. The incidence of Othello eloping with Desdemona presents Lago with a chance to pull his leg. Lago uses Roderigo, who is a former suitor of Desdemona to inform his father of Desdemona disappearance. In response to this, the infuriated Barbantio goes ahead to complain to the Duke of Venice implying that Othello employed charm to win Desdemona. How else could a vile black have won her favor? ( The duke of Venice decides to Othello’s favor, and Barbantio renounces Desdemona to Othello. Desdemona resolves to follow Othello to Cyprus where the governor has sent him when the Turks threaten to attack. Carrying on with his scheme against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Through his ability to survive and his power to recount his adventures, Othello makes himself lovable. He says of his stories, "These things to hear would Desdemona seriously incline" (1.3.144-5) and "She gave me for my pains a world of kisses" (1.3.158).
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