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Research Paper comparing three texts - Essay Example

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Theme Literature always deals with the conflicts in the mind of the human being, along with the torments, collapse, and their subsistence itself. When a piece of literature makes known the totality of the human race, only we can say that it is of merit. The stories like ‘Recitatif’ by Tony Morrison , Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tam are thus boast about a common theme in which the characters struggle to find out their own roles in life…
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Research Paper comparing three texts
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Download file to see previous pages The pain of the people when they are questioned for identity is crucial in the life of common man especially in a society which tolerates racism. Tony Morrison’s ‘Recitatif’ is the only published story by him which says about the conflicts in the mind of two girls –one –black and one white – from the time they meet in an orphanage. Later when they grew up to mothers and possess different economic and political status but fail to regain the strength of the old friendship. Twyla the narrator meets Roberta in an orphanage St, Bonaventure. Twyla has the reflections in mind about the comments made by her mother about the race of Roberta. Later, against her prejudices she finds Roberta more accepting and compassionate to the situation. The two girls are now thrown by the same circumstance, the absence of their mothers to take care of them. They are orphans having someday to enquire about. The pain of the absence of their mothers even if they are alive exists in their minds. According to Tony Morrison “ Twyla’s mother ‘dances all night’. For Roberta her mother is sick”. ...
The writer is placing the readers in a dilemma to find out the black or white. As readers sometimes we will be searching the individuality of a black or white. The two faces are masked in front of the readers. They are growing up in the community with the same tensions. The common fear of the two towards the elder girls is one reason for their mutual relation Twyla says “They’d light out after us and pull our hair or twist our arms. We were scared of them, Roberta and me, but neither of us w wanted the other to know it”. This leads them to help Maggie, the mute kitchen lady. According to Tony Morrison, ‘Maggie fell down there once …and the big girls laughed at her. We should have helped her I know, but we were scared of those girls with lipstick and eyebrow pencil”. This clearly shows that their relationship is mutually contributing to their own tensions and sufferings instead of the racial issues that sometimes stir their minds. The child hood memories about Maggie, the least important character of “Recitatif” plays a hidden role in the minds of the two girls. The readers can easily find that the Maggie is a powerless character who only reminds them about their racial separation, to a great extend that leads them to come out from the ethnic differences. Whenever they meet after leaving the orphanage Maggie s comes in their memories and talk. The orchard described by the narrator also plays a vital role in their ill-treatment. The racial culture was not only apparent in the lives of women but also their status. Robert got married to an I B M officer and Twyla to a fireman. The divergence in their thought pattern disclose with the disagreement of Twyla towards what happened in the orchard. Tony Morrison consciously ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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