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Candide: A Critical Analysis - Essay Example

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The essay "Candide: A Critical Analysis " describes that all through the projection of Candide at the focal point in the book, Voltaire successfully passes the message of prominence of reasoning of the conditions rather than the absolute submission to the authorities careless for the wellbeing of the common people. …
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Candide: A Critical Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The insight of Candide's philosophical approach and the challenging will he applied in his literature makes him an iconic figure of critical literature. Voltaire’s views of political and socio-economic models of his time are visualized in his literature as a philosophical and political satire in most of his creations. He is more likely to be identified as a revolutionary philosopher who criticized the implications of the imperial models of religious supremacy over the French society than an amusing writer to have written books worth reading. Among all of his creative achievements, Candide remains an insignia of the philosopher’s unique technique to exhibit his perfectness in presenting a satire with the enterprising blend of surrealism and romanticism to reach the theme deep into the hearts of the readers. Voltaire’s skeptical views of the domineering social structure based on the norms of religious practices provoked his intellect to create satires that challenged the feudal society by as early as 18th century. The presentation strategy he applied in displaying the characterization of a protagonist stands out as an insignia that detaches his work from other pieces of literature of his time. The specifications of satirical questions in the text of Candide are thought provoking. In a context Candide asks, “If this is the best of all possible worlds, what are the others?(ch.6)”. ...
Voltaire generally focused on promoting a social reform strategy by applying his satirical ability to criticize almost every religious and political pattern prevailed in the European societies during his time through most of his empirical presentations. The flow of the theme of the plot is maintained well balanced with subordinating aspects correlated with the challenges of the religious views of those days. Voltaire’s emphatic stance against the disloyalty of the religious and state administration toward the people was displayed through the voice of the protagonist Candide. The book deals largely with the critical literature to fight back the tactics of the state’s adoption of negotiators to eye-wash the public by false promises to the public. Candide says, “Pangloss deceived me cruelly when he said that all is for the best in the world(ch.7)”. Voltaire presents Pangloss as the representative of the state to talk for peace among the people in order to subdue the intellectual powers of emerging leaders who questioned the policies of the state. The book is reveals the unacceptable norms of the administrators to impose emotional and intellectual control over the people through the exercise of religious implications and advantages of social condition that denied the rights of individuals during the time till 18th century. Through the book ‘Candide’, the author expresses his emotional urge for reacting to the social perspectives of the statesmen during the age of enlightenment. Candide is a mixture of violence, love, competition and philosophical arguments in a balanced proportion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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