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This research will begin with the statement that human trafficking is an international problem as it happens everywhere in the world and the reason is always the same. Human trafficking happens mostly to women and more so women from poverty-stricken backgrounds…
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The International Law of Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is an international problem as it happens everywhere in the world and the reason is always the same. According to Anne Gallagher, author of The International Law of Human Trafficking, human trafficking happens mostly to women and more so women from poverty stricken backgrounds (Gallagher, 74). The government and non-governmental organizations have put their efforts together in an attempt to end human trafficking. As a matter of fact, a majority of the NGO’s are spear headed by women who feel that the number of women smuggled and trafficked is a matter better conducted by women. This is because they take the matter personally as they feel they could also be victims. However, no matter the high number of women working on the global issue of human trafficking is pretentious. The women who seem to work for the end of this bad practice are the ones who, in order to escape the said poverty, engage in the trafficking. They normally get away with it since their actions are less suspicious and some of their actions are backed by self explanatory answers.
A number of cases have emerged where women who are the ‘rescuers’ of trafficked women had been found to be involved. In that, they rescue some women while traffic some women. Their actions are seen as an attempt to rescue the women if found with foreign women with no proper documentation. These women have gone ahead and made empires and vast wealth with this business while pretending to be rescuing trafficked women. According to fox news released on the march 23rd of 2015, a woman was charged with trafficking her daughter in order to get money to buy drugs (Fox News).
Another view altogether in the cartel of human trafficking, is the fact that the government has put measures and laws that protect human beings and aims at eradicating human trafficking. However, the same government bodies put to govern against this vice is working with the criminals in conducting and propelling this business. One online news centre the Kaieteur online news, a paper in Guyana, exposed some police who were involved with human trafficking. The report filed by news writer Abena Rockcliffe stated that the president of Guyana women miners’ organization, Simona Broomes was against the idea of the government posting rogue police to certain areas. This comes after certain policemen were pound to have been involved in actions that were not policing stipulated (Abena).
Therefore, the government’s ‘try’ to eradicate human trafficking is also relaxed and not given priority. Women and children are on the receiving end of this in justice and nobody is standing firm to their aid. These women are then forced into prostitution to pay debts or to make a living for themselves and their masters. Women are still on the slavery days as the social vice is not near ending. Furthermore, the cycle continues in that the women become prostitutes go into drugs and the few that manage to survive the ordeal then get into the business themselves. Their reasons are based on bitterness, no decent means of livelihood since they lack education and the fact that they have enough experience on the whole process having been former victims.

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