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Forensic Science as a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice - Report Example

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This paper "Forensic Science as a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice" focuses on the fact that the evolution of forensic science can be traced to thousands of years ago. Fingerprint technology is amongst the firsts applications of forensic science. …
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Forensic Science as a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice
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Extract of sample "Forensic Science as a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice"

Download file to see previous pages The classification by Sir Henry Edward is the standard upon which the current fingerprint technology is based. Henry Goddard, a member of the Scotland Yard detective managed to conduct a physical analysis for purposes of connecting a bullet to the gun used for murder, and this happened in 1835 (Bell, 2012).

The examination of bullets became more common during the periods of 1920s, with the development of a comparison microscope by Calvin Goddard. This greatly helped in determining the type of bullets that emanated from shell casings. The use of an electron microscope in detecting gunshot residue began in the 1970s. This was an efficient method of linking the gun used through an analysis of the gun powder produced during the act of committing the crime. Other than the use of an electronic microscope, it is important to denote that there are a variety of chemical methods that can be used to analyze evidence (Shelton, 2012). These chemical techniques are always used to identify the elemental composition of a solid or a liquid. This paper identifies chemical techniques of forensic technology under three main categories, namely;

Under forensic drug testing, forensic labs are greatly used to identify unknown drugs. There are two types of tests that can be conducted, namely presumptive tests also referred to as colour tests, and confirmatory tests. Presumptive tests are always used to identify the type of chemical or substance that is available in a specimen. However, they cannot identify a particular substance (Shelton, 2012). On this basis, there is always a risk of developing a conclusion which is not correct. In as much as presumptive testing cannot identify a particular substance, it is always used for purposes of identifying whether there is saliva, semen or blood in a crime scene. On this basis, presumptive tests are always used for purposes of identifying the nature of body fluids present in a crime scene.

However, there is always a need for conducting further tests to identify the particular nature of the substance.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Forensic Science as a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Ad Report.
(Forensic Science As a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Ad Report)
Forensic Science As a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Ad Report.
“Forensic Science As a Very Important Element in Law Enforcement and Ad Report”.
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