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Egans Model and Its Practical Application in a Counselling Context - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Egan’s Model and Its Practical Application in a Counselling Context,” the author focuses on a therapy developed by Gerard Egan attempting to manage the problems of the client through the collaborative and integrative approach. The main center of this model is the person…
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Egans Model and Its Practical Application in a Counselling Context
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Extract of sample "Egans Model and Its Practical Application in a Counselling Context"

Download file to see previous pages The skilled helper model was applicable in the last many decades since it tries to explore the feelings, thought and behavior of the client. A change was visible in the field of counseling with the origin of different counseling theories like existential psychology, humanistic psychology etc. There is a gap between the theories of psychoanalysis and client-centered therapy. But the skilled model therapy does not become irreverent from the origin because of its nature to change according to the needs of the client and time. Client empowerment is the recent trend in the counseling process and this theory is useful in the client empowerment and in the managerial approach to organizational change. Gerard Egan is a professor in the Loyola University and he speaks about some of the influential factors in the origin of the Skilled Model Therapy. They are skills training method in the field of counseling, social influence theory saying that the behavior of the individual is influenced by the social factors and the behavior theories of learning and change. Development of skills is very relevant in the process of personality change and growth and therefore, skills training method in the counseling process was given more importance. Behavioral theories of learning and change are in the view that our behavior is changed because of the experience we meet in life. These three theories such as behavioral theories of learning, social factors influencing behavior and skill training approach are intertwined in the development of the Egan’s skilled helper model in the therapeutic setting. This model has been used in various organizational training such as training of nurse and various organizations. This model has been undergone for various editions since nineteen seventy-five and the manuals of the model include videos, audio tape, and handbooks which are necessary for the training session. Besides the use of a model for training, Egan was eager to use this method in the counseling practice also.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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