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External Consultant and Consultancy Process in the UK - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “External Consultant and Consultancy Process in the UK” the author analyzes the UK event industry, which is a rapidly growing industry whose purpose is to host several events, seminars, mega shows, reality shows, and a lot of programs on regular basis…
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External Consultant and Consultancy Process in the UK
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Extract of sample "External Consultant and Consultancy Process in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Before going into the discussion related to the role of an external consultant and the consultancy process in the United Kingdom’s event industry, let’s get a better understanding of what the event industry actually is. UK event industry is a well established multi-million dollar industry which has achieved a great success in effectively organizing various cultural, personal, and organizational events. UK event industry has enormously grown in the last 15 to 20 years, and since then it has proved to be one of the most valuable and beneficial industries for the country. Event industry has also created a lot of job opportunities for people with different educational qualifications. While talking about the event industry, we must also talk about those industries which are directly related to the event industry and a lot of people get financially benefited from those related industries by getting employment. These industries and related areas include event management, marketing, and advertising, event consultancy, hotel industry, travel industry, public relation firms, media, and budgeting and accounting.
Event management is one of the most important parts of the UK event industry and is related to the management of the whole event. Event management includes all those activities which are critically important for the success of any specific event. These activities include planning, promotion, organizing, and supervising any specific event. Planning of the event is done by the event organizers but the strategy for organizing the event is planned after consulting an external consultant because the external consultants have a vast knowledge about the environment and available opportunities for the event. The event can be of any type such as a business event, sports event, personal event, cultural event, or a music concert.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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